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Yes, you do need to go to court and get an order garnish wages or assetts.

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Q: Do you need a court order to garnished someones check?
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Can a company contact payroll to garnish wages without court order?

Can my check be garnished without, out court order

Can your wages be garnished without a written agreement?

Your wages can be garnished with a court order, but it does not require your agreement to do it. If you have agreed to it in a contract, then you have agreed to allow them to do it.

Can your checking account be garnished without wages coming in?

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

Your ex-husband was having his wages garnished by court order and now he does not pay them?

He does not pay who, since his wages are garnished? see link

Can wages be garnished over a repossession in Oklahoma?

If they have followed the laws and have a court order, yes.

What percentage is garnished from military retirement wages for child support?

That is dependent on the court order.

Can anyone garnish my wages for a bill in my husband name?

Wages cannot simply be garnished by an individual, they can only be garnished with the approval of a judge by court order.

Can you garnish the wages of a waitress?

A little parsley please. With a court order anyones wages can be garnished

Can a payroll account be garnished?

Yes ----- usually by a court order. Also by statuate and taxing authorities

Can Social Security Disability benefits be garnished in Utah?

If the debt relates to tax arrearage and/or child support then yes, SSD benefits can be garnished via a court order. SSD cannot be garnished for creditor debt.

How can you have the wages of your ex garnished?

Only a court can enter a judgment for wage garnishment. If you have some kind of child custody or alimony order, you can petition the court for garnishment based on non-payment. If you think she just owes you money, you have to sue her, she has to subsequently default of a judgment against her and then the court can order her wages to be garnished.

What do you need to put lien on someones wages?

In Australia you would need a court order. In the United States you would need a court order.

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