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Yes, with most companies you have to have a driver's lic first. The high risk insurance companies will usually give you a time line (example 30 days) to obtain a Lic or they will cancel you. Hope this helps

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Q: Do you need a driver license in order to obtain an Assigned non owner Risk Plan for auto Insurance?
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Is health insurance required to obtain a driver's license in CA?

Currently, there is no health insurance requirement to obtain a California driver's license. However, certain health requirements, particularly sufficient vision, have to be met licensed to drive.

Can car insurance be obtain with a suspended driver's license?

yes but you have to use the insurance to get you rlicense back and then show proof to the insurance agencie with in a time slot or the insurance is voided

Can you insure a car with a permit?

No, you can not. In order to obtain insurance policy, you need to be in possession of a valid driver's license.

Do you have to add your kids to your insurance if they don't drive or have a license?

You need to supply the insurance company with their name, date of birth, and social security number when they turn 15 years old. They will not be charged until they are licensed. You also need to notify the insurance company when they obtain a learners license and give them the license number. Again, the insurance company will not charge a rate for them as a driver until the obtain a regular drivers license.

Does one need a special driver's license in order to obtain motorcycle insurance?

"Yes you need a special drivers license in order to obtain motorcycle insurance. You must complete an approved motorcycle course, however if you choose not to you must pass a written test"

How long will your license be suspended for uninsured driver in an accident?

Until you obtain auto insurance and prove to the court that you are now insured.

Do you need a valid driver's license to obtain a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania?

No , you can obtain a motorcycle license without having a license to drive an automobile.

Can you obtain a driver's license in another state if the person has never had a driver's license at all?

You can only get a license in the state you reside in.

I have my learners permit - does insurance increase when I get my driver's license in NY?

Your Insurance Rates will almost always "decrease" when you obtain your permanent Drivers License, barring any accident or tickets having accumulated while you had the learners permit.

If you have your driver's permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else's car in Pennsylvania?

No,but they must have insurance.You can not obtain insurance until you have a drivers license.The person who will be in the car with you who has a drivers license would be responsible for your actions while driving.

If you obtain a green card can you get a driver's license?

yes. anybody can get a drivers license.

How do you obtain auto insurance to get a driver's license?

Ask around and get different quotes from insurance companies. Whichever you feel is best for you, sign up. Start with to see other insurance rates as well as theirs.

Can an illegal alien obtain a driver's license in California?


What test will you need to take for your driver's license in Florida?

You will need to take a written driver's license test and a road test to obtain a regular class E driver's license in Florida.

Can you obtain a driver's license in michiagan if your license in Fla is suspended and have a habitual charge?

Simple answer, no.

How do you obtain license to write insurance policies in Georgia?

You can take an insurance agents test for various insurance companies in order to write policies in Georgia or anywhere else. It is fairly easy to obtain a license after you pass the exams.

How can you obtain liability car insurance without a driver's license?

You'll have to contact an independent Insurance Agent. Most standard Insurance companies will not issue a policy to an unlicensed driver but you can find a non-standard insurer that will usually for up to 60 days until you get your drivers license. You'll just have to look around a bit for a licensed insurance company in your state that will accept the risk.

What is the minimum age to obtain a driver's license in California?


Can a licensed driver with valid Texas license obtain liability auto coverage in Texas?

Anyone over the age of 18 can buy autom insurance in Texas, licensed or not.

Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license in a different state?


What is the age requirement to obtain a driver's license in New York?


Can a convicted felon obtain an insurance license in Ohio?

sorry but i doubt it

Can you get auto insurance with out a license?

Follow the steps below to help you get car insurance without a driver's license.Contact insurance providers in your area to obtain insurance quotes. Many insurance companies may not even ask if you have a valid driver's license.Explain to insurance companies, if asked, why you're without a driver's license. If it's because you're under suspension or revocation for no auto insurance, then the provider will likely give you 30 to 45 days to get your license back or the policy will expire.Pass the driver's exam if you're just reaching the legal driving age. If that is the case, most insurance companies will cover you with a driver's permit and then require proof of your license when you pass the test.Take proof of insurance to the court if you're under license suspension or revocation for no insurance, and the court will reinstate your driving privileges. Be aware that you may have to pay a fine as wellShow the insurance company proof that your license is now valid so that you can keep your insurance policy active.Best Wishes

How can you get an insurance license?

The process I used was to interview with the insurance company I wanted to work with and make use of their contacts and methods to obtain my license, which involved passing a written exam and paying a license fee to the state insurance department.

When does teen in CA need to obtain car insurance When issued permit or actual license?

California Law States that a person who is issued a permit to drive must also possess proof of insurance if they are pulled over for a traffic violation. In other words, as soon as you are "permitted" to drive, you must be able to show proof of insurance. In any state the driver must have insuarance only when the driver obtains a license

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