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Do you need a driver license in order to obtain an Assigned non owner Risk Plan for auto Insurance?


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Yes, with most companies you have to have a driver's lic first. The high risk insurance companies will usually give you a time line (example 30 days) to obtain a Lic or they will cancel you. Hope this helps

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Until you obtain auto insurance and prove to the court that you are now insured.

You need to supply the insurance company with their name, date of birth, and social security number when they turn 15 years old. They will not be charged until they are licensed. You also need to notify the insurance company when they obtain a learners license and give them the license number. Again, the insurance company will not charge a rate for them as a driver until the obtain a regular drivers license.

You can take an insurance agents test for various insurance companies in order to write policies in Georgia or anywhere else. It is fairly easy to obtain a license after you pass the exams.

Anyone over the age of 18 can buy autom insurance in Texas, licensed or not.

Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

The process I used was to interview with the insurance company I wanted to work with and make use of their contacts and methods to obtain my license, which involved passing a written exam and paying a license fee to the state insurance department.

You have to register with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and obtain a license from them.

That will depend on the licensing regulations in your state.

If you are attempting to get motorcycle insurance that means you probably have a motorcycle and should have a license for it. An insurance company will not provide insurance unless you at least have a motorcycle permit.

Currently, there is no health insurance requirement to obtain a California driver's license. However, certain health requirements, particularly sufficient vision, have to be met licensed to drive.

California Law States that a person who is issued a permit to drive must also possess proof of insurance if they are pulled over for a traffic violation. In other words, as soon as you are "permitted" to drive, you must be able to show proof of insurance. In any state the driver must have insuarance only when the driver obtains a license

In my state it is not possible for a felon to be a licensed insurance producer, but it could depend on the laws of your state. In my state, if you are convicted of a felony after you already have a license, the license is automatically revoked.

Check your state's insurance licensing requirements online. Enter your state's name and the words "insurance" and "license." Go to the official state site first.

You'll have to contact an independent Insurance Agent. Most standard Insurance companies will not issue a policy to an unlicensed driver but you can find a non-standard insurer that will usually for up to 60 days until you get your drivers license. You'll just have to look around a bit for a licensed insurance company in your state that will accept the risk.

Most U.S. states prohibit a felon from obtaining an insurance license as well as most other professional licenses.

How old do you have to be to get a drivers license in Tennessee

yes but you have to use the insurance to get you rlicense back and then show proof to the insurance agencie with in a time slot or the insurance is voided

You can obtain a CDL class B license at your local DMV. To obtain a CDL class B license you are required to take several tests before obtaining your license.

If you are driving with an international license and you live in the United States there are auto insurance companies that will provide you with coverage even if you do not have a domestic driver licence. It is important to realize that not all insurance providers will accept international driver licenses. You must do your research to find companies that will accept these licenses. Well respected insurers like State Farm, Geico, and Farmers have their own requirements but will provide coverage on an International license for a specified period of time. They will require you to obtain a state driver license within a time, ranging from 6 months to 3 years. You will also be required to provide a copy of your International license and a claims letter of experience from your insurance provider in another country to accurately rate you as an exposure.

Unfortunately, that CAN NOT be done (in the USA at least) :(

A driver can obtain insurance quotes for a vintage car online in the following websites: Confused, AdrianFlux or TheAA. One just needs to put in the car information and one can then ask for a quote.

$5,000 fee and nj insurance, and you all set

"Yes you need a special drivers license in order to obtain motorcycle insurance. You must complete an approved motorcycle course, however if you choose not to you must pass a written test"

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