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No, you shouldn't need a drivers disk besides the Windows 98 disk. It is however always better to do a fresh clean install rather than an upgrade as this just "overlays" your Windows 95 and there have been some problems with the upgrades. If the system asks you for a certain driver, you can alway go to Microsoft and download the needed driver for free.

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Q: Do you need a drivers disk as well as the Windows 98 disk if you have 98 SE upgraded from 95?
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Can Windows Vista Home Basic be upgraded?

Yes, Windows Vista Home Basic can be upgraded. It can be upgraded to Windows Home Premium. It also can be upgraded to Windows 7. To be able to upgrade you will need to purchase the relevant software, however.

Does windows need separate drivers?

Separate drivers from what? All the drivers installed on a Windows system is for Windows itself; they aren't used directly by applications.

What is difference between sp1 and sp3 drivers for dell inspiron 1464?

If you have Windows service pack 3, then you need to download SP3 Drivers. If you have Windows Service Pack 1, then you need to download SP1 Drivers.

Can you Wipe a Vista HP Laptop using a Toshiba Recovery Disk containing Windows 7?

You could but you would need to download drivers for that system as well. There are special drivers made for that system that you can download from HPs website. (link below)

Can you downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7?

Yes, you can downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7. What you are going to need is a bootable windows7 disk.

How can I find a Windows 98 video drivers for a for V193HQL Acer monitor. Acer only has windows 7 installation driver which doesn't run in Windows 98.?

You do not need drivers for a monitor.

How do you get the sound back on your computer if you have lost the program and need sound back?

You will have to be more specific as to what happened and what brand of computer you have. If you reinstalled windows, you will have to use the disk that came with your computer to install the sound card drivers. If you dont have a disk, go to the manufacturer's website and search for them.

How do you install a webcam on Windows 7?

u need the drivers for it

Replaced motherboard in Toshiba laptop it recognized the windows disk but came back with cannot find hard drive now when you boot up it comes back with message no disk can anybody help?

did u install the drivers that came with the motherboard sometimes u need to reinstall the mother board drivers in order for it to recognize any other hardware

You need to install Windows XP Professional on a with sufficient disk space?


Why do computers need to be upgraded or updated?

why do computers need to be updated or upgraded

Can you run need for speed shift on Windows XP service pack 2?

Need for Speed Shift will not run on Windows XP Service Pack 2. The game will nonetheless work on Windows XP if it is upgraded to Service Pack 3.

Is it safe to delete a (Lenovo) factory recovery partition ( from Windows 7 ) in Windows 10?

Yes it is safe to delete factory recovery partition if you think that you are not going to use Windows 7 operating system again. But you should have Windows 10 license with an installation disk and your Lenovo computer's drivers in case you need to recover or format your computer.

Why does not windows accept your memory stick?

You need to either update your system, your drivers specifically: the USB port drivers.

Where can one update Windows XP drivers?

One can update Windows XP drivers most efficiently through Microsoft. They have all the software one would need to update said drivers in a timely manner.

What disk do you need to put a windows movie maker file to play in a DVD player?

You need a DVD-RW disk to burn the Windows Movie Maker file to before it can be played in at DVD player.

How do you remove another instance or installation of Windows XP on my PC?

Answer You can remove Windows programs from your computer but you need the original windows XP disk to do it.

How do you install windows on a MacBook Pro?

You can install Windows by first installing Boot Camp, which is included with Mac OS X. It's a multi-boot utility that allows you to boot either Mac OS or Windows OS. After setting it up, you would need Windows installation drivers that's stored in a storage device (ex: flash drives), or on disk.

How is windows7home premium uninstalled after upgrade to win8pro?

You will need to go to uninstall programs from the control panel to uninstall Windows 7 Home Premium. You will no longer need Windows 7 once you have upgraded to Win 8 Pro.

How much space is require for acceptable operation of Windows XP?

12GB or more of course if you have an upgraded model you will need 20 or more

You are using HP DV2500 model laptop it came with vista homeyou are planning to install windows XP but when you are trying to install XP it saying no harddisk found.can you suggest a solution for this?

You need SATA drivers for your hard drive. They can be obtained from the laptops drivers webpage at They need to be copied over to a floppy disk. Once it starts to boot into the windows installation page *before it says hit f8 to agree* it will prompt you to hit f6. Hit f6 and follow the prompts You need SATA drivers for your hard drive. They can be obtained from the laptops drivers webpage at They need to be copied over to a floppy disk. Once it starts to boot into the windows installation page *before it says hit f8 to agree* it will prompt you to hit f6. Hit f6 and follow the prompts

What are the main uses of Windows XP recovery disk procedures?

The main use of a Windows XP recovery disk procedure is to list out the steps of using the recovery disk in event of a massive computer issue, where the user would need to potentially reset or recover their computer.

What drivers do i need to install windows xp professional?

Drivers are specific to the hardware in the computer. Without knowing what hardware is in your computer, we cannot know exactly which drivers will be used.

Why win 7 won't recognize my printer HP laserjet p1005?

You need to download the proper drivers. If there are no Windows 7 drivers available, Vista drivers will work.

How do you download software for your printer without the disk?

The manufacturers website would probably have any drivers that you need.