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Q: Do you need a high school deploma to be a cop?
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What is the motto of Meols Cop High School?

Meols Cop High School's motto is ''Preparing for Life''.

How do you become a member of SWAT?

it requires atleast 2 to 3 years as a cop, there will also be several fitness test and high stress situations and weapons training. how ever you do not need a collage degree or highschool deploma to become a cop/swat however it will help in an interview.

Do you have to finish high school to be a cop?


How much education does a police officer need?

Police officers need a GED or diploma from high school. They then need to complete the police academy to become a cop.

What high school subjects help in becoming a cop?

Criminal justice.

What class's do you need to take in high school in preparation to become a surgeon?

How to become is simple you start out as a cop and then later you are going to do examination for your institution and then get a promotion.

What do you need to become a cop?

work very hard make good grades. work in high school to make money always be a cop in collage because if you are poor than it wont cost moneyyou cant ever get in trouble with a cop or it will effect your criminal record

What high school classes should you take to help you prepare to be a cop?

Law class

Name of movie where cop goes undercover in high school?

hiding in plain sight

Do you have to have a deploma to become a cop?

Depends on each city guidelines, but most likely yes. Also learning how to spell diploma couldn't hurt your chances

What movie has a cop going undercover in a high school to help his younger brother?

Plain clothes

When did penwortham girls high school in penwortham cop lane first open?

8th September 1954

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