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Q: Do you need a lawyer if you are filing for bankruptcy?
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Do you need a lawyer if you are filling for bankruptcy?

You do not need a lawyer if you are filing individually. If you are filing for bankrupcty and you are in a corporation or in a partnership with someone, a case needs to be created, so you would need a lawyer.

In order to file bankruptcy must you have a bankruptcy attorney?

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy it is not necessary to have a lawyer. If you are filing for business bankruptcy, you must retain a lawyer on your behalf.

When do you need to search out a bankruptcy lawyer?

While you're filing for bankruptcy you may want a bankruptcy lawyer, because it can be very confusing at times and they will be extremely helpful.

What is a chapter 13 lawyer good at?

A chapter 13 lawyer is good at filing for bankruptcy for their client. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you find the best financial path after filing for bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy in Florida without a lawyer?

how do you file bankruptcy in Florida without a lawyer

What is necessary to file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process and one should consider hiring a lawyer to help with the filing process. You also need to undergo credit counseling and be aware of what type of bankruptcy to file.

Where in Texas can one find bankruptcy lawyers?

If you live in Texas and are looking at filing bankruptcy you will need to find a good lawyer first. You can ask your friends and family if they know or have heard of a bankruptcy lawyer you can check into. Looking in your local yellow pages is another way to find a bankruptcy lawyer. You can also contact your local bankruptcy court for a list of the local lawyers in your area.

When can you sell your car after filing for bankruptcy?

What kind of bankruptcy? 7? 13? If your bankruptcy case is still open, you cannot sell without notice to the trustee and a motion to sell. If you exempted the car, the proceeds may not be exempt. Check with your lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer in your state.

How long after filing bankruptcy can move out of state?

You are not prevented from moving as a result of filing bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is not a crime.

What happens when a judgment is against us while in the process of claiming bankruptcy?

If you are filing bankruptcy, you should have a bankruptcy lawyer onboard, and this is a question for him or her to deal with. You do not want to go through a bankruptcy on your own, especially as the bankruptcy rules have changed.

What if you forgot to include a checking account information on your bankruptcy case?

"Forgot"? The forms or your lawyer asked for all bank or other financial accounts. If the balance in your account was close to zero at the time of filing, you may not need to worry, but if there was a significant balance, you should amend your Schedule B to include it. Check with your lawyer or get a bankruptcy lawyer.

Can you retain a lawyer to start the process of bankruptcy before filing again?

Of fact it is the best way to go about it.

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