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very important in normal amount

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Can you get pregnant if no semen goes into your body?

No. You need semen to get pregnant.

When is the best time to concieve?

After the wedding.

Did sheryl crow drink a lot of semen?


When do the mother bald eagle have them?

it depends on when they concieve

Can you get pegnant With only semen?

Yes- that is in fact the primary way in which you get pregnant. Semen is all you need... It only takes one sperm to ferilize an egg. ---------- Well, you do need an egg to be fertilised by the sperm in the semen. If there is no egg or if there are no sperm in the semen then you won't get pregnant.

What is human semen made of?

a lot of sperms and some protein.

Can you concieve while on your period?

It would be very unusual.

Can you get pregnant for putting your fingers in your vagina?

Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.

Is it possible to get pregnant by eating your semen?

No. In order to get pregnant you need sperm and you would need a man for that. If your masturbating and you make semen and eat it, you cannot get pregnant.

Can you get HIV from your own semen?

No; HIV would have to be transmitted from the semen of someone else. -------- Don't be ridiculous, you would need to have HIV in the first place for your semen to be infected!!!

Does the volume of semen help with conceiving?

No. Just because you have a lot of semen does not have to mean you have more sperms in it. In one drop there's still millions.

If semen is liquid when it enters you could you get pregnant?

You will not get pregnant from semen. However semen generally contains sperm cells by the millions. All you need is one sperm cell to get you pregnant.

When you urine a lot is that a sign that sperm is coming?

No. Urine and semen have nothing to do with each other. That just means you drink a lot

Can drinking a lot of juice make your semen taste better?

Yes, drinking a lot of juice may improve the taste.

What to do semen if semen comes out of vagina soon after intercourse?

It is perfectly normal for semen to overflow from the vaginal passage after intercourse. The overflowed semen liquifies within 3 to 5 minutes and is of no use. Couples need not worry about this, as there will be more than enough semen in the Vaginal passage to induce pregnancy.

What do ants in your semen signify?

Semen is sweet and contains a lot of protein. In addition to this, it is liquid, and is therefore easy to transport back to the nest. This combination of properties is why it draws ants.

Did Rosa parks want children?

Yes but was not ever able to concieve.

When did you concieve if your due date is march 20th?

Roughly June 27th

What does TTC stand for when talking about pregnancy?

TTC Stands for Trying To Concieve.

If my due date is for July 20th when did I concieve?

October 24th or so.

What do you do if you want to have a child in November?

Try to concieve 9 months prior

What does it mean when your semen is sweet?

It means you need to stop tasting it.

Can semen help with cold symptoms?

Uh, definitely not. HOWEVER: Buckley's cold medicine looks a lot like semen and it does help a lot. p.s. I do not know which of the two tastes worse, but the Buckley's will definitely work better on your chest cough.

Are 4 teaspoons of semen a lot for one ejaculation?

one teaspoon is about average, so yes, 4 would be quite a lot.

When you are trying to conceive how can you stop the semen from leaking out of the vagina after sex?

YOu don't need to. all the semen does is carry the sperm up high into the vagina so that they don't have so far to go, then the semen trickles out.