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Do you need a motorcycle license to drive 49 cc scooter in California?


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do i need a drivers lincene to drive a motor scooter 49 in California

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No, you do not need to have your motorcycle license in order to drive a scooter. For states will only require you to have your driver's permit.

No, you must have a 'motorcycle' licence to drive a motorised scooter in Australia

In any state you need a motorcycle licence to drive anything over 50cc on public roads.

You need to have a basic training licence and be aged over 16 to drive a motor scooter in California. The scooter must also not exceed 125cc in engine size.

If you live in California and your scooter is 50ccs or less, no license is required. If your scooter is more than 50cc's you need a motorcycle license. Check with your local DMV for more details on how to obtain your scooter license. stonemkr reverse painting on glass.

You must obtain a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in Texas. In addition, all motorized vehicles must pass a yearly inspection.

149cc scooters need a motorcycle license in minnesota

Yes you will need a motorcycle license to drive a moped in Nebraska. A motorcycle license is also needed to drive a motor scooter in Nebraska.

Anything over 50cc requires a motorcycle license.

In CT to drive a 50cc scotter or less you need a standard motor vehicle license. Above 50cc you must have a motorcycle license.

Yes, you will need a motorcycle only license or motorcycle endorsement on your regular license. Virginia does not require a motorcycle license or endorsement for a scooter or moped. A scooter or moped is defined as having an engine less than 50cc's and your is larger than that.

No, a standard driver's license is all that is need in California to drive a trike.

Yes, anything over 50CCs you need a motorcycle licence.

Please check the motorcycle manual (related link).

Yes, in some cases a person would need a license to drive a scooter or moped in California. This is mainly only if the person will be driving on main streets.

yes you need to get a motorcycle endorsment and have a license

From the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division website: "A motorcycle license or endorsement is required to drive a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle. You must be at least 16 to apply for a motorcycle license." For the sake of AZ law, a 'scooter' of <50cc is a 'motor-driven cycle' 50cc or larger is a 'motorcycle'.

Of course! You don't need a license to drive a scooter.

If this is in the Uk, you can drive a moped or scooter upto 49cc on a normal car licence providing you have a "P" among your categories on the back of your card.

To drive a scooter in CT you must have an automobile drivers license. If the scooters engine is over 49cc then you must also have a motorcycle license. I believe the minimum age is 17 to drive a car.

You can find the info in the motorcycle manual (related link).

No, any vehicle that has a license plate and is allowed on the road you must have a license and carry insurance. Scooters are a example that needs to have a M1 motorcycle license to drive legally on the road. If the motor is over 90 cc its considered a motorcycle. In Wisconsin.

Yes, you have to get a license to legally drive a motorcycle.

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