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do u need a motorcycle lic to drive a trike in Texas

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A trike is considered a motorcycle and requires a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license.

No, a standard driver's license is all that is need in California to drive a trike.

do i need a motorcycle license for a trike in pa

Anything under 4 wheels and over 50cc is a motorcycle license.

A motorcycle license is required to ride and operate a trike in New Hampshire. You must first possess a valid drivers license to take the motorcycle license test.

No, you can get a 3 wheel vehicle endorsement. If you have a motorcycle endorsement, you can drive a trike but not the opposite.

Basically you can, only if the two astride wheels are up front. If the two wheels are in the back, then it becomes a trike and subject to motorcycle regulations.

the rules are the same for a trike as they are for motorcycles in most states.

If I take my drivers test with a trike can I drive any motorcycle after that?

yO! yeah u do need a motorcycle license . go to tha rta ! ;] Smilee.x3

On Tuesday, June 2, 2009, Governor Sanford signed a new law concerning three-wheel motorcycles. Because of this law change, a three-wheel motorcycle endorsement is no longer required to operate a three-wheel motorcycle. Citizens can now operate a three-wheel motorcycle with any class of license except a moped class G license. This law change excludes a motorcycle with a detachable side car. To operate a motorcycle with a detachable side car, the customer must hold a class M motorcycle license. SCDMV will no longer administer three-wheel motorcycle tests.

yes it would be a good thing to get a licence because if police catches you then your in troble but pocket bikes you have to be 13-14 you have to be 18

Yes you do. Pennsylvania motor vehicle defines a motorcycle as a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground.

A motor trike of over 150cc is considered a motorcycle in most states and requires registration and licensing. All 50 States and the District of Columbia require motorcyclists to obtain a motorcycle operator license or endorsement before they ride on public highways. The goal of licensing is to ensure that motorcyclists have the minimum knowledge and skills needed to operate a motorcycle safely.

You need a regular Florida car drivers licence AND a Motorcycle endorsement. (Motorcycle licence)

Yes you do, however there is one exception. Chapter 11 page 166 on the NJ motorcycle Manual states: According to New Jersey law, a motorcycle can be a motor bike, a bicycle with a motor attached or any motor-operated vehicle of the bicycle or tricycle type, except for a motorized bicycle. The motor power can be part of the vehicle or attached. The vehicle must have a saddle or seat for the driver to sit astride or upon, or a platform on which to stand. Every New Jersey resident who operates a motorcycle or "trike" must have a New Jersey motorcycle driver license or a motorcycle endorsement on an existing New Jersey basic or commercial license. One exception exists: The operator of a three-wheeled motor vehicle, equipped with a single cab that has a glazing around the occupant, seats similar to those of a passenger vehicle or truck, seat belts or automotive steering, is not required to have a motorcycle endorsement added to their basic automobile driver license, and is not required to wear a helmet.

NO! for 50 cc you do not need a motorcycle licence in chicago. But you need to have any other driver licence. if you do not have than you need to go to secretary of state and ask about the 4 hrs class for motorcycle safety class. if you go to that class you can drive the 50 cc without any licence. they will give you a paper that is good as a driver licence for mopeds.

i think so, but i don't know how they do it.

no you just need to have a state licence. that is working This is not a completely true answer. While some states will allow a trike rider to ride with a auto license, most states require you to have a standard motorcycle license. Also most insurance companies requires the owner of the trike to have a license or a permit to insure the vehicle.

Can u email me with the answer to........."can u drive a trike with a full car lisence only that they have had a for a number of years.... thank you.....reggards... Alan Day