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No. The black is 220, the red is 220, and the ground serves as the neutral.

the last answer "no" is correct but the reason is not. the ground is still a ground. the red is 110v and the black is 110v. together they are 220v. the neutral or (common) is for a 110v return. for example a stove or a dryer will have 2 hots a common and a ground because they use 220v and 110v. 220v to power the heating elements and 110 for the controls, light bulbs or the outlet on a stove. A construction heater only uses 220v and only requires the two hots and the ground for safety.

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Q: Do you need a neutral when running a BLK Red and ground from a panel directly to a 240V 4800W 20A heater outlet?
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