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No. The black is 220, the red is 220, and the ground serves as the neutral.

the last answer "no" is correct but the reason is not. the ground is still a ground. the red is 110v and the black is 110v. together they are 220v. the neutral or (common) is for a 110v return. for example a stove or a dryer will have 2 hots a common and a ground because they use 220v and 110v. 220v to power the heating elements and 110 for the controls, light bulbs or the outlet on a stove. A construction heater only uses 220v and only requires the two hots and the ground for safety.

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Q: Do you need a neutral when running a BLK Red and ground from a panel directly to a 240V 4800W 20A heater outlet?
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Does the ground wire from a 240 volt tankless water heater connect to the common wire?

Any ground wire has to be connected to an independent ground wire that returns directly to the distribution panel and not to the neutral of the circuit.

On a 1991 Ford Aerostar with Dual Heat why would you have water running on the ground on the passenger side?

This is an indication that your heater core is leaking. To stop the leaking you will have to replace the heater core or stop using your heater.

Do you need a neutral to install 480 volts 3 phase heater?

If the heater is rated as a 3 phase 480 volt heater then a neutral is not needed. If the voltage stated is 277 volts three phase then a neutral is needed.

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Do you need ground to run a 240 vac water heater?

No, not really. The two hot legs can be opposite legs of a 120/240 V split phase power source. You still do need a protective earth ground, however, but the heater itself does not require a grounded neutral to run.

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Car will make when running even if heater core is not burned out.

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Problem solved: Bought a used heater control, installed it in minutes, and all is well.

The heater doesn't turn on in my 1986 Jeep Cherokee any ideas?

check the fuse or the ground on the heater

How do you bypass the heater core on a 1994 Firebird?

Take both heater hoses off at the heater and the hose running from the front, attach it to the rear of the engine.

Can new 10-2 with ground be used for a 240V water heater if it doesn't have a hook up for the neutral and just uses the ground wire?

Yes it can be done that way. Just make sure to use a double-pole breaker to ensure each wire is on an opposite phase.

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How do you tap into a 220v feed going to baseboard heater and get a 110v supply?

This is only valid in parts of the work using 110/220 Volt split phase power system. There will be 110V from each of the hot leads to ground/neutral, so connect your outlet to only one of the hot leads, the neutral lead and the earth ground lead. This may be a problem with a dedicated 220V circuit as there will likely be no neutral line. Another note - this could well cause an unbalanced electrical load across the two pole breaker. If the breaker has a rating of 20A and the 110V circuit draws much of that current, the heater will likely trip the breaker.

If the heater is not putting out heat could it be the thermostat?

If you are not getting heat out of the heater, there are only a few things that could be wrong. The first is low coolant. You can't get heat without coolant running through the heater. If it is low, sometimes it has to be bled of air bubbles. If both heater hose running to the heater are hot, you have circulation. If not the heater could be plugged or not getting the coolant to circulate. There is also a damper in the heater system to stop cold air from bypassing the heater and that needs to be checked.

Which works faster immersion heater or hotplate and why?

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Provided the heater is of a low wattage it should not affect normal running of the car

Where is the heater control valve on a 1997 ford ranger 4-cylinder?

The heater control valve is on the left hand side of the engine bay, under the air intake duct. it has two heater hoses running to it and one vacuum line running to it.

If the neutral wire is removed what will be happened?

In a balanced system nothing will happen. In an unbalanced system the neutral carries the unbalanced current. Removing the neutral in an unbalanced system will cause different voltages and currents to be applied to the devices connected to that circuit. This is the reason that a ground plate or rods are connected to the neutral bus bar to take over in case the utility company looses a neutral at the connection to the mast head. <<>> No power can/will flow. - Unless you're using a /3 wire removing the neutral then will the only give you 240v - example Hot Water heater You need the neutral for 120v circuits.