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No, the new Federal regulations requiring passports to travel to Mexico, Canada, the Carribean etc. don't go into effect until Jan. 1, 2008. Check out

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Q: Do you need a passport for traveling from the USA to Mexico before the end of this year?
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When do you need a passport if you are traveling with car?

If you are goning to Mexico or Canada you need a passport.

When traveling from the US to Mexico what do you need?

A Passport.

Do you need a passport when traveling from Mexico to Canada?

Yes, you now must possess a valid passport when traveling to either country.

Do you need a Return ticket traveling from Canada to Mexico?

No. All you need is your passport.

If you are a Mexican citizen traveling by plane to Mexico do you need a passport?

Yes, you do.

As a Canadian traveling from Mexico back into Canada do i need a passport?

Yes you do.

Do you need a passport traveling from New York to Mexico?

No, an original birth certificate with raised stamp will do. But, you will need one to get back! Please also see "Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Mexico?".

Do you need a visa for Mexico with macedonian passport?

Macedonian citizens require to get a Visa before traveling to Mexico. Mexican citizens can travel to Macedonia for up to 90 days without a Visa

Traveling from Mexico to America?

You need a passport to cross the border into America from Mexico, and a visa (different visa for business or for visiting).

Do you need a passport for the UK?

Yes, if you plan on traveling there or traveling out of UK. You need a valid passport.

When will you need a passport?

Each Individual traveling by Air Travel will need a Passport. Travelers traveling Internationally will also need a passport in order to board an Air Craft.

Do you need a passport to fly to and from New Mexico?

If you're flying to New Mexico from outside the US then yes. If you're traveling to a New Mexico airport from some other airport in the US you should not need it, though if you are not a US citizen it would probably be a good idea for you to have your passport with you anytime you're traveling within the US anyway.

Do dogs need a passport to travel to Mexico?

You don't need a passport, but you need certain documents to take your dog with you when traveling to Mexico:An international certificate of good health, issued by a licensed veterinarian.Proof of vaccination against rabies.Proof of ownership.

Do you need a birth certificate and passport to travel to Mexico?

No. A passport is sufficient to travel to Mexico. A birth certificate is not valid for international travel. If you are traveling by land or sea, then you can enter Mexico with a US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license or "enhanced" non-driver ID.

Do you need a passport to travel from England to Isle of Wight?

if your in England and traveling to Isle of Wight you DON'T need your passport! If your traveling somewhere other than England you DO need your passport!

Do i need a passport to travel to Hawaii?

You do not need a passport to travel to Hawaii if you are a US citizen traveling from within the United States. If you are traveling to Hawaii from another country, then you do need a passport.

Do you need a passport to go on any cruise ships?

Yes you will need a passport if the sailing is after June 2009. But if you are traveling before that you can still use your birth certificate.

Do you need a passport to drive into Mexico?

Yes, US citizens need a passport to drive into Mexico.

Do you need a passport to travel to Canada and Mexico?

Yes and yes, unless you are traveling by road; on such case, you only need a birth certificate or ID.

You have Dutch nationality and Dutch passport do you need a visa for traveling to Canada?

No, you don't need a visa for traveling to Canada if you have a Dutch passport.

Do you need a passport for travel from Mexico to Mexico?

Yes, you do.-----This answer contradicts the one found atDo_you_need_a_passport_to_travel_within_mexicoReality favors the answer "No, you don't", but much depends on who "you" is and on where in Mexico "you" is traveling.

I have a green-card and a South African passport. Can I go to Mexico?

Yes you can, but you also need a visa if you try to enter Mexico with a South African passport. Greencards are not recognized as a traveling ID or document.

Do you need a passport to cross the border to go into Cancun Mexico on a Greyhound bus?

Yes, you need a passport to cross the U.S. border. If you are traveling by land or by sea, you can use a passport card, which is similar in size to a driver's license. If you are traveling by air, you must use a traditional passport. Considering the fact that a bus will take between 27 to 45 hours to reach Cancun (from the US-Mexico border), I guess your best bet is to take a flight; to board an international flight, you will need your passport.

When does passport need to be renewed before entry to Mexico?

At least three months before the expiry date

What documents do Mexicans need when traveling to the US?

You need passport issued by the Mexican government and a visa issued at the closest American embassy or consulate in Mexico.