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No, you dont need the code if your gonna put in an aftermarket deck. The only time you would need the code is if you took the stock radio out and unpluged the harness, so its not a problem with a new radio.

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How do you remove factory CD player on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The molding around your radio/ player pops off, you may need to pry in the cornors. take out the 4 screws that hold in the radio/player pull out radio disconnect the antenna, power, than plug back in the new one, replace molding.

Want to replace factory fitted radio casette player for a factory fitted CD player for a ford focus but the connections on the CD player are to close together on the CD players connections can you hel?


Factory radio for a 1987 mercury grand marquis?

The factory radio on a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis is made to play local radio states and cassette tapes. It is connected to a high fidelity sound system.

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?" This space is for answering ""

Need radio code for 97 Pontiac grand prix?

The factory code for your 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix is 152 159. The unlock code for the radio is 0229.

What are the factory radio wiring diagram schematic for a 1995 grand am?

use this website helped me..

How do you unlock the radio on a 97 grand am gt?

replace the radio fuse with the motor running, it'll reset the unit.

Why won't your date and time stay locked in your console's display of your 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Have you installed an aftermarket radio or is the factory radio still installed? I had put in a aftermarket radio on my 04 Grand Prix and it does not keep date and time installed. That's because the factory radio holds that information for some reason I dont know hope that helps.

How do you bypass the factory amp on 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The molding around your radio pops off, you may need to pry in the cornors. take out the 4 screws that hold in the radio, pull out radio disconnect the antenna, power, than plug back in the new one, replace molding.

How do you replace the factory radio on a 1996 Mercury Mystique?

How do you replace the radio on jetta 2002?

Buy an aftermarket radio kit or find a factory one on Ebay but make sure you have the security code otherwise the radio will not work.

What brand is the radio cassette player in your 1997 Buick century?

If it was factory... it is a Delco.

How do you replace the factory stereo with a CD player on a 1998 Mercury Mystique?

Buy the removal tool to take stock radio out, can be ordered online or found in local auto parts store

How do you remove the radio on a 1996 Toyota Avalon?

I need to replace radio CD player from 1995 Avalon

How do you replace a Porsche 944 factory radio What wire will hold memory in the new radio?

terminal 30 in wiring diag, most likely a red wire

Where is the factory Bose radio amp located in a 1987 corvette?

behind the radio hidden up amongst the bundle of wires, it is very difficult to access and replace

Do you need to keep factory radio in a 2004 Chevy trailblazer to replace with an aftermarket head unit?

radio = head unit same thing, different names

If replace your 2001 Chevy Impala radio will you lose your information center?

You will still see the messages on the dashboard message screen but you will not be able to fix them with the radio anymore. the factory radio is not vital but it is helpful to refresh some message board codes. most of the messages can still be fixed without the factory radio.

How can you fix the radio on a 1998 Grand Cherokee that suddenly stopped working although the tape player still works?

if the radio display is compromised.... the radio is toast. look for display abnormalities.... that's the sign. never replace w/ factory... 2x the price 1/2 the quality If you aren't receiving any "radio" signals it could mean that the antenna wire in the back of the radio unit is either loose, cut/broken, or has a short somewhere. You may also want to check the radio fuse to rule that out as well, but my guess is the antenna lead.

1994 Nissan Altima you need a new cassette or CD player for it you were wondering if it matters if you get a CD cassette player that's newer than the model that comes on your car?

you can replace your radio with any factory Nissan radio made from 1995 and earyler newer radios (96 -05) have a diffrent harness

How do you replace radio 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?

I owe a 2001 doged caravan sport my radio is not working properly after changed the altarnator

The factory radio volume on 323i BMW all of a sudden went mute How do you repair the factory radio volume when the display is lit however no volume on radio.?

well i think you are talking about a e46, 99 model year or newer, do you not have volume in any mode? radio, or cd/cassette, if that is the case then you might have defective radio, no repair is made, you will have to replace it.

Is there a CD player for a 1988 grand prix?

No, Pontiac only offered a cassette player and AM/FM radio in 1988.

How do you use the radio with CD player on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Play the radio normally.To use CD,insert your disc and radio should shut off. If radio does not shut off,press CD button on the CD player. This is to assume you have factory CD. .....................................

1997 grand prix radio lights not working is this a bad fuse or do I have to replace radio?

if the clock is not displaying that is light bulb you can buy on eBay or at a gm dealer.