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Do you need a repossessor's license to repo in Illinois?

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Not that I can tell from reading the IL code. You will need the proper plates on your tow truk or they will snag you quik.

Yes you need a license in Illinois. Check with I.C.C. and you need proof of insurance.

No. As of this writing, individual agents are not required to have a "repossessor's license" as long as the company they pull for DOES have an ICC issued Repossession License.New legislation is in progress however , and that may change in the future.

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How do get a repo agent job to repo vehicles?

How do i get a repo agent license in Illinois

What do you need to start a repo service in Illinois?

wanting to start a repo service in Illinois and need to know what all is needed?

How do you get a repo license in Florida?

how do i get a a repo license in Florida

Do you need a license to repossess cars in Alabama?

You can repo your own car but you cant start a business without a license.

What type of bisness license do you need to start a repo bisness in Utah?

What type og certifacation or licence must you have to start a repo company

How do you become a spotter for repo?

Being a spotter is a helping hand for repo companies. All you need is a drivers license and sometimes a car, Just ask your neighbor hood repo company if they need help finding the units

How do you become certified for auto repo in ny?

As a nyc repo man myself there really aren't any certificates for repo agents, If you use a tow truck then you need a cdl lic. If you are just an investigator no other license other than a NYS Drivers license is needed

To start a repo company do have to have license in North Carolina?

how do you get a repo licence in North Carolina

Can repo carry a gun?

Not without a license to do so. Being a repo man does not grant the authority to do that.

What are the California laws that vehicle repossessors must abide by?

repo men/women are only regulated by the contracts that they were hired buy, if you miss payments then dont expect to keep your things

How do you get a repo license in Las Vegas?

In order to get a reposseion license in Las Vegas, you will need to contact the Nevada Department of Finance. You will also need to contact the Nevada Department of Transportation to obtain the licenses needed.

Is it possible to have a felony and be a repo-man?

In the state of Illinois,Chicago. Can I work as a repo- man with a felony conviction?

In the state of Illinois can the repo man bring a police man to help him repo your car?

An officer can be called to keep the peace. Otherwise, a repo is a civil issue.

How do you go about obtaining a repo license?

In most U.S. states, you apply to the state for a license, if a license in required in that state.

What happened to Lou on Operation Repo?

"The show is fake and they are actors. Nothing happened to Lou." The show is reenactments of what really happened. They are real repossessors and Lou did get attacked. They later documented it for the show.

Do you need current driver's license to pick up your repo?

Yes, unless you're having it towed. They will not release the vehicle and let you drive off in it without a valid license.

What is needed to start a vehicle repo business?

Yoy will need a business license, insurance, a tow truck, a SECURE storage lot, customers- and a knowledge of repo laws in your state. Can of pepper spray is optional.

Will you need a recovery license to repo in Texas after September 2008?

I am wanting to start my own recovery agent biz. i need someone to point me the way. i am in Texas .

How do you get a state license for repossessions in Florida?

The Related Link below is how you'd get a license to repo in FL

Do you need licenses for Tennessee for repo?

As of September 2014, in the state Tennessee, there is no licensing process to become a repo man, nor is any specific training required. This is considered problematic by some, and lawmakers are looking into requiring a license.

Do you need a reposession license to buy a reposessed car?

NO. No but you do need a car dealers license in most states to attend repo auctions. The auctions are not open to the public.......thats why your car worth $15,000 sells for $7000 and the loanee is stuck with difference.

What type of license do you need to start a repo business in Michigan?

contact your local townhall or government who will give you detailed information on how you obtain this license. You might want a Gun license too. People whose cars are being repossessed sometimes get violent.

What license are required to be a repo man in Washington state?

You must get a license through the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. You must also post a?æ5,000 bond in order to be a repo man in the state of Washington.?æ

Is a license needed to repo a car in Iowa?

Of course it does or else you cannot do anything to it

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