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YeAh they won't let you play without an education.

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Q: Do you need a school education 4 a pro softball player?
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Do you need an education to be a professional softball player?

Yes, you do have to have a good education.

What kind of education or certificate do you need to be a girls high school softball coach?

at least high school

What kind of education do softball players need?

There is no required education that a softball needs, but to be the best of their ability they should have knowledge in the game.

Are the jobs of a softball player hard to get?

yes you need to work hard to get the job of a softball player and by the way softball i hard to play!!!!

What education do you need to be a NHL player?

You do not need any education you just have to finish high school and of course be good at hockey

What do you have to do to become a college softball player?

You must have atleast a C average in your corses, and you need to be good softball player.

Do you need education to be a pro baseball player?

To become a profesinal baseball player you only need to have a high school diploma.

What level of education is needed to become a soccer player?

in school education, nothing! ( who knows what you'll need to be in the MLS.)

What kind of education do you need to be a mlb player?

none really all you need is a high school deploma!

What college courses do you need to get to be a pro softball player?

To be a pro softball player you must have good grades ! I advice you to study your notes .

Do you need a certificate or licence to be a softball player?

no you don"t need neither

What type of education do you need to be a basketball player?

You do not need any education to be a basketball player.

What training or education do you need for pro softball?

Aim for a bachelor's degree in fitness and health

What education is needed to be a professional softball player?

There are no education requirements but here is a little info on a professional player. Only .002% of college softball players go on to play at the professional level. The salary range of a pro player is between $7500 and $15,000 per year. The point is you need to get a good education because even if you make it to the pro level you're not going to make a living just playing ball.

Why the need of school and community?

we need school and education because we need to learn

What is a C word to describe softball?

A player need Courage or Confidence

What are good websites to find the rules of softball because you cant find any?


How much education do softball players need?

Enough to hit a pitch and run around the bases.

Where would you obtain education as a football player?

You only need to attend a school that has a football program, and make the team.

What education do an nba player need to get in?

have to be a mlb player

What kind of persional qualities and abilities do you need to have to become a softball player?

you need to be able to catch and throw.

What education does a tennis player need?

wel to be on a college or high school team a grade average above what your school requires . you also have to make the team .

Why does school have to exist?

Because we need education.

What education is need to be a baseball player?

There is no education requirement. It is all about skills.

What kind of education do you need to be a softball player?

There is no special kind of education to be a softball player, just find a good coach who can teach you the basics correctly. Make sure you get the mechanics of catching and throwing, fielding, batting a baserunning correctly. The rules and the technicalities of the game are a must. The best way to learn is to watch actual games and try to understand it. When you don't understand terms, look it up in books or the net.