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Do you need a separate phone line for a fax?

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No you don't need a separate line for fax machine,you can use a multi jack and use both telephone and fax on the same jack and programme the line in such a way that if you are not picking the phone in 4 or 5 rings it goes to the fax machine.

however if you want a separate number for the fax machine on the same telephone line you have a feature called I dent a call (distinctive ring)where in its a virtual number and you can select different rings for the phone and fax and the fax machine would identify if its a phone call or incoming fax.

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Absolutely not if you switch to online fax service.

Make sure that you have separate phone line for you fax machine and separate for your telephone. If not, even normal calls will make your fax machine rings.

no need. As long as your phone is a fax phone, ie with fax function. 1 line will do. But the line must be voice & data line. But you can do 1 task at a time only ie. voice or data.

The use of a fax line is included in some local phone services. If it is not included in your local services you will need to pay for a new phone line to use the fax services.

Any phone line and number can be used with a fax machine. If you want a separate line so you can use the phone at the same time call your phone company and add a line.

Not necessarily. You can use the same line for the fax as you use for phone calls, however many things make it desirable to have a separate line for the fax.If you plan on receiving a lot of faxes, when your phone rings you wont know if its a phone call or an incoming fax. You will find its a fax out by the loud screech or series of beeps coming from the other end of the line.If you send large faxes, or send them to many numbers, your phone line will be tied up by the fax machine while its sending & receiving.AnswerWith the online fax service, you can send and receive huge number of faxes using your internet connected PC . This latest faxing technique do not require dedicated phone line. So you can send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet(PDA's, cellphone or laptop).

Fax machines can be hooked up to your regular phone line. The disadvantage of this is that your line will be busy while sending or receiving a fax.

You can not send or receive free faxes on your android. This is because a fax machine needs to be connected to a separate phone line.

To receive a fax in a fax machine: 1) connect the fax machine to a phone line 2) have the person sending the fax send the fax to the phone/fax line number 3) receive the fax with the fax machine. Most fax machines should be set to automatically receive, however some will need you to press the "ok" or green button when the fax line is ringing.

If you prefer the old faxing technique you need fax machine and telephone line. For internet fax you don't need a dedicated phone line it would only require Internet connected PC and your online fax number.

You connect the fax machine to the phone line - the same type of phone line that the phone is connected to. If you want to use the same phone jack, you may need to either get a phone line splitter, or some phones have an "extension" so that another line can be added to a phone.

most fax machines have two plug sockets on the back, one for the phone line the other for connecting the phone. Just plug the phone into the fax machine.

Traditional fax machine should be connected to phone line. Internet fax using computer does not need phone line like ringcentral, as long as there is a connection of internet, fax can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

For online faxing you don't need one. All you need to have is an internet fax tool and internet connected PC. You can avail it from a service provider. For traditional fax machine, you really need a phone line in order to send and receive faxes.

With most popular cable companies you can add a phone line for fax services. There are certain fax machines and devices that you can even share a fax line with a phone line.

Connect your fax machine to the phone line, then you can receive fax that is in you home number.

you can hook it up on your original phone line. its just better on a separate line. if you are not planning on receiving faxes then one will be fine. its just that when you are receiving one the phone will ring. if you are unaware of a fax coming in you will answer it and disrupt the fax. if you are expecting one you can just ignore the phone. and I'm not sure if having an answering machine would mess it up or not, i guess as long as the fax picks up first it would be just fine.

You can use the telephone on the fax machine to make voice calls. The only drawback is that anyone who tries to send you a fax while you are on the phone will get a busy signal.

Yes you can, but sending faxes has a tendency to dropped cause by incoming calls. It should be hooked separately to avoid interruptions. You need an extra phone line for your fax machine to operate safely.

It is because you are using 1 line. Shared line of phone and fax. Fax should have a different phone. or you can use splitter.

need a line for a FAX MACHINE

No but you can use the send to fax function most computers have buy you need plugged into the phone line.

Yes, you can. This is the standard method of sending and receiving faxes through a fax machine. The phone line will need the appropriate telephone jack to fit into the fax machine - in most countries phones and faxes will hold the same phone jack, however there can be some challenges if using a fax machine from a foreign country.

Typically it means that there is a problem with the fax machine's phone connection. It can be a line that doesn't have a dial tone, that has too much static on the phone line (or someone is using the phone line), or it can be a general problem with the phone line. The best way to test it is to make sure that your phone line is operating correctly, then make sure that your fax is correctly connected.

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