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Is this the front assembly or the rear? I can't say for sure on the rear, but on the front, you will need a very large socket for the nut at the outside of the hub assembly. I don't recall for sure, but I think it's like 30mm. Check before you buy a socket for it, as they are expensive. Also, you may want to have a pickle fork to break the ball joints loose up front. Aside from the large nut at the outside of the hub assembly, the largest wrench you will need is 19mm. If you can find a Chiltons manual for a Saturn SL, it will walk you through the entire process of removal and re-assembly.


Found this link to change a Saturn S-Series front hub. It worked perfectly as all the pictures were extremely helpful. I actually pressed new bearings into to the existing hubs which is not recommended by Saturn but worked out OK for me.

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Q: Do you need a special tool to change the hub assemblies on a 95 Saturn SL2?
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