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Do you need a ticket to get to World's Edge in Pokemon Emerald and if so how do you get it?

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You do not need a ticket to go to World's Edge Island (Faraway Island in English). Instead, you need a map called the Old Sea Map. This could be obtainted at previous promotional events for the game. Now, it is only obtainable by the use of Mystery Gift with friends that have the Old Sea Map or by cheating devices such as Action Replay, GameShark, and Codebreaker.

2006-12-26 15:48:27
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How do you get double edge in Pokemon emerald?

it is in the sootpolis' pokemon center. talk to girl on the left corner.

Were is the sky pillar in pokemon emerald?

It is located on the northern edge of route 131.

What moves does kyogre know when you get it in Pokemon emerald?

Hydro Pump,Double Edge,Sheer Cold, and Rest

In Pokemon Emerald how do you catch chiming?

If you mean Chimeco, then on Mt.Pyre there are wild Chimecos and Vulpixs. It's on the outside edge of the mountain.

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How do you use the rods on Pokemon Emerald?

Go 2 The Edge Of The Water Then Go 2 Your Bag Then find The Rod You Want Then Choose It.Then Keep Pressing A.Usually You will Get A Water Pokemon.

Where can you teach Pokemon double edge in hoenen?

You can teach a Pokemon "Double Edge" in sootopolis city... There will be a girl in the Pokemon center and she will teach it to one of your Pokemon.

Can Scizor use the stone edge in Pokemon?

No. Scizor can't use the stone edge move in Pokemon.

Where is TM stone edge in emerald?

It doesn't exist in the third generation.

TM Double Edge in Pokemon pearl?

there is no TM double edge

Where the sky tower in Pokemon Emerald?

Sky Pillar is located toward the northern edge of Route 131. As you surf across the water, just find a path that leads upwards to Sky Pillar.

Where do you get the great rod on emerald?

There is no "great rod" in Pokemon emerald if you mean the good rod it is found by talking to a fisher man east of mauville city across the river, if you mean the super rod it is found by talking to a fisher man in his house in mossdeep city near the space center on the edge of the cliff

How do you catch a mew without hacking?

On Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Red, Crystal, Gold, Silver, FireRed, LeafGreenCan not get it without cheatingPerl, Diamond, Ruby and SapphireYes if you trade from EmeraldEmeraldMew is found on "World's Edge Island," and you need some sort of Old Sea Chart item to get there.(Link to the FAQ off the person that wrote that is in the links section under Emerald)PlatinumAvailable in My Pokemon Ranch by transferring 999 Pokemon and then trading a Egg for Mew. Also available in Pokemon Emerald as a special event Pokemon.(Link to the FAQ off the person that wrote that is in the links section under Platinum)As for all other Pokemon Games (I listed the main stream ones, I do not know however I've attached a link to a list of the games, press FAQs and use the find function on"mew" to find out.

Where can you get stone edge tmin Pokemon diamond?

TM71 - Stone Edge - Victory Road 2F

Does Pokemon black work on Edge cards?

yes all games work on edge cards

What is the trailer music in spider-man edge of time?

Creator of the Worlds Epic Score

What is the best Pokemon theme deck?

Explosive Edge

Can you transfer Pokemon from a pearl ROM from your edge?

sadly... no

How do you get double edge in Pokemon Gold?

Why do you want it, its terrible.

Where do you get stone edge on pokemon black?

You can get it in Challenger's cave

Who teaches double edge in Pokemon firered?

Some Pokemon learn that move like togetic.

Pokemon emerald is the spear pillar in ever grande city?

You mean the Sky Pillar? It is located on the northern edge of Route 131 in Hoenn Here are the Pokemon there: 1. Golbat 2. Sableye 3. Mawile 4. Altaria 5. Claydol 6. Banette 7. Dusclops 8. RAYQUAZA

Is double edge a special attack or just normal attack in Pokemon leafgreen?

Double Edge is a physical attack.

What are the release dates for Make It or Break It - 2009 At the Edge of the Worlds 2-10?

Make It or Break It - 2009 At the Edge of the Worlds 2-10 was released on: USA: 31 August 2010 Finland: 28 January 2012 Japan: 26 August 2012

How do you teach regirock stone edge in sapphire?

I don't think the move Stone Edge had been made by Nintendo during the time of Sapphire/Ruby/emerald, I think it is a Sinnoh move