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Most personal auto insurance policies will exclude business use of your personal auto. So the answer is you most likely will need a separate business auto policy if you are using your auto for business. There are a few exceptions to this. Some personal auto insurance policies do have a business use class that was intended for the accountant, lawyer, counsultant type who drives from client to client all day long. Or possibly even a real estate agent might find coverage on the personal auto policy. Each insurance company has different rules on what types of "business use" they will tolerate. The best thing to do is call your agent and discuss the possibilites with him/her. And I always recommend, the best place to be is an independent agent. Independant agents have access to several insurance companies and can shop your insurance for you to find the best fit for your needs.

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How does one get private health coverage?

"You get private health coverage or insurance by purchasing it from a private health insurance company. There is Athem Blue Cross, and that is the main one."

What is the definition of private health insurance coverage?

Private health insurance is an alternative to government issued health insurance. It can be provided through a union or employer or one can purchase it from a private health insurance company.

Does secondary private insurance pay what primary private insurance will not pay?

Yes, if the secondary insurance plan covers it In the pharmacy (drugs) world of primary and secondary coverage, this is true.

What is covered under private medical insurance?

Coverage under private insurance varies greatly based on your carrier and your deductible. Most private medical insurance is a cushion against major catastrophes like a sudden heart attack.

How did the government health insurance program in Canada effect private insurance companies?

Private insurance companies provide some coverage where the public insurance fails in Canada. The health insurance act of 1984 was instituted and provided problems for private insurance companies seeking to enter the market. Many canadians have private insurance to cover small things like vision care.

Where can you purchase workman's compensation insurance?

If you are NOT an employee, but rather a business-owner -- who needs to provide coverage -- the answer to this depends on what state you are in. Some states, e.g., Ohio, are "exclusive fund" states. If you do not live in an "exclusive fund" state, there will still be a "state fund" in place. You can purchase your coverage there, or from any private carriers that offer WC coverage in your state. You should check with the agent/broker who handles the rest of your business insurance. It is extremely important that you deal with an "authorized insurer", meaning one that has the requisite authority to conduct business in the State(s) in which you do business and in which you must provide insurance. Because worker's compensation insurance serves the purpose of shielding your business from most individual liability for work-related claims, the failure to do business with an authorized insurer can leave your business individually exposed to worker injury claims. You should contact the Department of Insurance of your State for confirmation that the insurer that you are considering is authorized to transact worker's compensation insurance business.

When insurance business privetised in India?

Doors were opened for private Insurance Companies in India in 2000, with 23 private insurance companies operating right now in India.

What company offers the biggest variety of private health insurance?

Most any insurance agent has access to a great variety of private health insurance. After discussing your particular needs and budget, the agent can search for the coverage that is best suited for you.

Which was the first commercial insurance company in the United states to provide private healthcare coverage for injuries not resulting in death?

The Franklin Health Assurance Company of Massachusetts, in 1860, was the first insurance company to provide this coverage.

Do I need to have aviation insurance?

Aviation insurance is required for all private and commerical flyers. The amount of coverage required by law depends of the size of the aircraft.

What type of insurance is there?

There are a lot of different types of insurance. Real insurance is any insurance policy that offers you a certain type of coverage in return for premiums paid by the insured. Private insurance and government are both real insurance as long as benefits are being exchange for premiums whether paid by the government or a private party.

What are the benefits from private health insurance?

Private health care gives patients options for coverage and a choice of physicians. Patients can choose their preferred hospital or clinic with private health care.

What is Medicare carve out?

A Medicare carve out is the use of private insurance to enhance the coverage of Medicare insurance. There are several different plans to choose from that work along with Medicare to give the best coverage possible at the least amount of cost to the patient.

What is alliance health, and where can I start a business.?

Alliance Health is an organization that offers health benefits and insurance coverage to private clients. And starting a small business in the US is as easy as acquiring a business license and opening up shop with your idea. You can do it from home, or if you're enterprising you can lease some rental property.

Do you need to notify private insurance if you go on SSI?

Anytime you have private medical insurance, you are required to notify them of any other medical coverage you have. So, yes, you do need to notify them if you are now covered under SSI medical.

What is the relation between covered services and covered conditions in private and commercial insurance plans?

It doesn't matter if it is private or commercial health insurance, but the difference is this.... Covered services are what specific procedures the insurance will pay for, regardless of what the diagnosis is. Covered conditions are what afflictions the insurance pays for and what conditions are excluded from coverage.

How is commercial car insurance different than private policies?

Commercial vehicle insurance is considerably more expensive than the premiums for a personal vehicle. With a commercial vehicle, the risk (to the business) is far greater; there is more to be lost. Depending on the vehicles themselves, there is additional risk. The risk is greater; the coverage is greater. A huge delivery truck stands to do more damage than a two-door hatchback. The nature of the business, the size of the fleet and other factors are considered when writing a commercial policy.

Where are the headquarters for Vista Insurance located?

The headquarters of Vista Insurance Group is located in Columbia, South Carolina. They have over 25 years of experience in the field and offer both commercial and private insurance coverage.

What are some of the companies that offer medical health insurance coverage?

There are many companies which offer medical health insurance coverage. In Australia, these include Medibank Private, BUPA, NIB, AHM. One can also select the best option from comparison sites.

Who are the suppliers for private health insurance?

Premier Choice Group is a leading provider of private health insurance. They also offer international coverage which is great for travelers and expats. Many people don't realize that health insurance usually do not cover medical expenses that are incurred abroad.

Can a town stop plowing a private road?

Yes and they should not be plowing due to lack of insurance coverage for their vehicles and operators - insurance covers legal activities of a municipality; private road maintenance conflicts with that as well as possibly the commerce clause

Do Companies have to offer health insurance?

yes they do they if they want u to work there. Most of the small business offer insurance to their employees. They pay your health insurance. Even some business organizations not only provide you health insurance but also take care of employees by provide them health assistance time to time. Actually, there are many more SMALL BUSINESSES in the USA than BIG businesses. The fact is that more and more small businesses are NOT providing any benefits to their employees due to the higher and higher cost of health coverage. Instead, they are building enough income into the employee pay to allow the employee to purchase their own private coverage, which is typcially less cost than group coverage. Better for the small business - better for the employee.

How much does it cost to buy insurance for a one time concert on my private property? is a website that compares the prices of one time insurance from different companies and the coverage of both.

Was private health insurance originated only to cover inpatient hospital services?

No. Private health insurance was originated by companies to attract workers and its been more than 120+ years or so since. Reality is private coverage is always better..opnionwise it will always be better than obamacare.

Is maternity leave paid?

In the U.S. maternity leave is typically unpaid - unless you have short term disability insurance coverage. Five states mandated that workers purchase this insurance. Private coverage is available in all 50 states, and covers your normal maternity leave.