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4th grade math????????anyone?!?!??!help?!?!?!

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why did the boy throw the clock out of the window ?

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Q: Do you need all the pieces to pawn something?
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What is the time limit for a pawn?

All Chess pieces are subject to the same time limits - a pawn is no exception .

What are all of the pieces in chess?

Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and the King.

In chess what pieces can move backwards?

Only the pawn cannot move backwards. All the others can.

Do ARF airplanes come with all of the pieces in the kits?

ARF airplaines come with all of the pieces in the kits. However, if there is something extra that you need,, is the website to go to.

What are all 6 chess pieces called?

The King, The Queen, Bishop, Pawn, Knight, and Rooks. =)

Name all the pieces in chess?

Pawn, King, Queen, castle(rook), Bishop, Knight (horse),

what pawn shop takes window a/c units it is really nice with remote?

Any pawn shop in your local area will take this unit. All you have to do is take to them all shinny and looking good. They will offer you something.

What are the names of all the pieces on a chessboard?

The names of the pieces in the game of chess are: * Pawn * Rook (looks like a castle) * Knight (looks like a horse) * Bishop * Queen * King There is a difference between 'pieces' and 'men' because pawns are generally not considered to be 'men.'

In chess how do you reclaim your queen from a pawn?

If one of your pawns reaches the other end of the board you may trade that pawn for any chess piece you have lost. Actually, you can trade it for any piece at all -- you can finish a game with 2 queens if you promote a pawn. The only pieces that are not available are a second king, one of your opponent's pieces, or a pawn (that would just have to sit as a blocking piece on the promotion square). Surprisingly, there are artificial positions that can be created where each of the last two promotions would actually be an advantageous move!

Use pieces in sentence?

I need to put all the pieces of the game away so they are not all over the floor.

There are 32 chess pieces what is the probability that you will take out a white pawn and then without replacement another white pawn?

The steps you would use to figure that out is to do 8/32(the number of white pawns out of all the pieces) times 7/32(the number of white pawns left.) 8/32=1/4 1/4 * 7/32= 7/128.

What do you do with the comic stripes?

you put all the pieces together than talk to the guy at the comic store and he will give you something if you get all the pieces and put them together.

Where is the lab ray in Neopets?

You need a map, and to get it you need all the pieces.

In chess can a bishop turn into a queen?

No. Only a pawn may "turn into a queen." The proper terminology for when a pawn reaches the other side of the board is "promoting." The pawn is promoted to queen or to any other piece you wish to choose. There is a well known game where one player's pawn reached the other side, but due to the unique placement of the remaining pieces on the board, if the pawn were promoted to queen, the game would have ended in an immediate stalemate. So the player chose to promote the pawn to a knight, which, again due to the unique placement of the pieces, immediately checkmated the enemy king.Now, if you prefer to say "turn into a queen", then by all means exercise your freedom of speech and say it that way. Chess is, after all, just a game.

Where are all the glass pieces in raiders of the lost bin pet in binweevils?

you don't need glass pieces

How do you open the dragon hatch if you dont have all the pieces?

Well, easy and simple, you can't. You need to have all the pieces and then you can match the picture and open it.

Can a king get all his pieces back when he makes it across the board?

There is no additional benefit to a King moving completely across the board. You can only receive a replacement piece when a pawn makes it completely across. Your pawn leaves the board and you can replace it, on the same spot, with any other piece you wish.

What is a bad bishop in chess?

A bishop become 'bad' when the diagnols are closed by pawn blockages its a good idea to exchange them for equal pieces since you can't do much with a bad bishop but nothing can be taken as a rule of thumb it all depends on the position. Sometimes even a pawn is powerful than a queen.

In neopets do you still need all the lab map pieces after you have collected them all to continue using the lab ray?

First you need to collect them all and then use them to find the lab. The pieces will disappear so you are unable to sell them, but from then on, you have permanant access to the lab.

How do you get 5 percent of something?

Cut it up into 20 pieces that are all the same size. Then pick up any one of the pieces.

How much does ez pawn pay you for a bb gun?

I'm hoping at least $60 bucks, need groceries bad...

Do pawn shops buy jumper cables?

I got about 5 bucks for some really nice ones with a carrying case. You apparently can pawn them but they are going to need to be nice ones in good condition for the shop tomhave any interest at all

Do you need to get all the blade of awe pieces if your an X-Guardian?


Are pawn shops open on Sunday in fl?

It all depends on the owner of the pawn shop.

How do you play chess also where do all the pieces go?

to play chess the pieces need to be moved about and take other pieces from your opponent and and they go on a board call a chess board