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No.. but you should "declare" business use and mileage to your insurance carrier to avoid problems with a claim down the road.

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Do you need a special license or insurance to be a personal care attendant in mass when you are already a certified medical assistant?

Yes you will need special insurance to be a personal care attendant in Massachusetts. You will have to have Medicaid insurance.

What is special about Key Person Insurance?

Key person insurance is an important form of business insurance. In general, key person insurance can be described as an insurance policy that is taken out by a business to remunerate that business for financial losses.

Can you find out if a business has public liability insurance?

DEPENDS.ARE YOU TALKING INDIVIDUAL, BUSINESS, CORPORATION, ETC. SIMPLEST ANSWER FIRST. A PERSON HOMEOWNER's insurance has personal liability coverage. i can'REALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION WITHOUT MORE DETAILS. most businesses have public liability insurance, usual in the form of an SMP policy, whicH means special multi peril.

Where can one inquire about business health care insurance?

Business Health Care Insurance is useful for big companies that want to provide extra benefits to their employees. It also gives the business special tax incentives.

Does Chase offer both personal and business credit cards?

As a chase customer I can honestly say yes they do offer both personal & business credit cards and they have a wide variety of personal and business credit cards some have rewards and other special perks.

Are there special business insurance rates?

Absolutely. Different insurance companies have different policies, but there are several services that allow you to compare insurance quotes online. You can also contact your current insurer for more information about discounts they may be offering to business owners.

Do Christian folk follow a special diet?

No, Christian folk do not follow special diets. Christians only create a personal diet, for weight reasons.

What are the two special parts of a business letter?

Two parts found on a business letter that are not used in a personal letter are:the inside addressthe reference line

What is a public liability insurance and how is it used?

In a nutshell, public liability insurance is a special insurance a business or a commerce can buy to protect itself financially in case of a lawsuit brought against it by a patron injured at/on it's premises.

What kind of special events would require someone to get liability insurance?

There are many reasons to get liability insurance. All states within the United States require at least liability insurance to drive an automobile. Those in medical professions also get a liability insurance called malpractice insurance.

Are taxi cab companies in westmoreland county Virginia required to have a business license?

Not only are they required to have a business license but they are also required to have a special commercial license in order to even accept money for a ride as well as special insurance.

Where can I find out about taxi insurance?

First assess if you need insurance by reading up on the rules and regulations for taxis in the city you live. Then see if there are insurance agents that deal in this business or what they suggest. Taxi insurance I am sure is a special area that has particular rules and guidelines.

Why Purchase Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance is liability insurance that covers an event against possible lawsuits. People who attend these types of events can be injured and sue the people who organized the event. If these people have special event insurance, they will be able to pay their legal obligations.People Who Need Special Event InsuranceThose who put on special events are people who may be required to purchase special event insurance. These are organizations and other groups, bands that play concerts, clubs that put on fundraisers, religious organizations and businesses that have liability coverage that doesn't cover special events.Business Special Events that QualifySpecial events that qualify to be covered by special event insurance include carnivals, fairs, flea markets, concerts, auto show, conventions, animal shows, fundraisers, garden shows, retirement parties, pageants, antique shows, swap meets, art exhibitions, pumpkin patches, Christmas tree lots and seminars. These are all places of business where several people will be gathered while the event lasts. With so many people congregated in one place, several opportunities for the people attending them to be hurt can present themselves.Personal Events that Qualify for Special Event InsuranceThe same is the case for more personal events and if private people would like to insure their special events against liability, they may also do so. Personal special events that can be protected with special event insurance are weddings, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, baptisms, confirmations, family reunions, engagement parties and anything else people can think of to celebrate where large numbers of people will be present.Why Special Event Insurance Might Be RequiredWhy would anyone need to insure their birthday parties against liability? The place where the event will be held may require this of people before they will agree to rent their venues for the event. They may even need to have the venue named as one of the insured parties on the policy. These venues need to make sure that they protect themselves against any accident that can happen resulting in a lawsuit by one of the guests.People can purchase special event insurance from a special event insurance agency. They will receive coverage that protects them against the injuries that their guests may receive while attending their special events. With the litigious society that the United States has become, special event insurance is a necessity.

How has Congress used depreciation to target small business activities for special treatment?

Congress has used depreciation to target small business activities for special treatment with enhanced small business expensing. The small business health insurance tax credit is another way they use depreciation to help small businesses.

Do all insurance companies give a free auto insurance quote?

Many insurance companies offer free insurance quotes to try to attract and attain new customers. Also, many insurance agencies will offer you a special discount when switching companies in order to attract your business.

Does driving semi trucks require a special type of automobile insurance?

Yes. All commercial driving requires both a special type of license as well as a special "rider" on your insurance. However, the legal requirement for the insurance is most likely met by the company that owns the insurance-- that is, the truck is what is covered. So, the law probably does not require you to get additional insurance. As a semi driver, you will eventually want to be insured for personal liability-- so that your family is protected should you cause an accident during your job.

Do home owners need a permit for tanning beds or are there any special rules that have to be followed for safety reasons?

Nope, I have looked at mant websites and I have found if you buy a tanning bed for personal use, when you buy it no permits are needed. If you are using it at a business, you will need to look into that. The special rules for safety should be found in the owners manual.

Does a Criminal Defense attorney need an special license?

Yes, they do. In particular, bail agents must have a special license to supply bail bonds and, in some cases, must also carry special insurance policies on their business.

What is business liability insurance?

Business Liability Insurance is typically sold as "General Liability" insurance to businesses in order to provide coverage for the day to day operations of the business. Depending upon the kind of business it is, there are different categories of liability insurance for businesses. For instance if a business manufactures, then Product Liability Insurance is necessary to cover claims against the business arising from the use of their products. If the business is a service business (i.e. Carpet Cleaning, Sales, Contracting or sub-contracting etc., etc.), usually a General Liability policy is sufficient. One thing to note with business liability insurance is the amount of coverage purchased. There are policy limits per incident as well as aggregate (combined) limits. The key issue is in purchasing enough insurance to cover any contingency without purchasing too much because the insurance company will only cover costs up to the limit of coverage. For special insurance needs, a piggy-back policy for business is often used. This type of business insurance is called an 'Umbrella Policy'. It is a policy that rides on top of an existing policy that offers specific coverages in excess of the original policy.

Is there a special type of insurance for classic autos?

There is a special type of insurance for classic autos. If you have a classic, old style car, and you want insurance, many companies provide this insurance for it.

What is special about the Farmers Insurance?

Farmers Insurance is special to some people because it is a very good insurance from a very good company. Farmers Insurance insures many things such as life and home insurance.

Do I need special business insurance for a mobile dog grooming business?

Liscenses are decided at a state and local level. However, most states do require some type of license when dealing with animals.

Insurance policy requuired in a high risk business and low risk business?

The type of insurance required for high and low risk businesses are generally the same, but the cost of insurance can vary significantly. However, some businesses may require special coverage that others do not. As an example, a liquor store may require liquor liability insurance, while a food store that does not sell alcohol does not.

Where can one get special event insurance in UK?

There are a number of companies that offer special event insurance in the UK. Some of these companies are 'Tennyson Insurance', 'Event Insurance Services', 'Bruford Vallance' and 'Hiscox'.

Does it matter if your business account is at the same bank as your personal account?

There is no real problem with this - you might actually find it is more convenient to do your banking all in one place, and some banks offer special perks to those who have multiple accounts (even business and personal combinations).