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Do you need auto insurance when owning a tomos streetmate Moped?

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Yes. Mopeds, like all motorized vehicles require liability insurance. The cost for basic liability is about $80 a year for any size scooter, moped, or motorcycle.

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How old do you need to be to get a moped license in Texas?

you have to be 15 more info get the tomos streetmate r it has great speed and good mpg

If you can buy a tomos moped in the UK?

you can now buy a tomos moped direct from tomosUK! http://www.tomosgb.com/ contact us if you require any further information! http://www.tomosgb.com/say-hello

Vin number tomos moped?

I have a Tomos scooter and the vin # is on the steering column. It is accessed by a cover plate in the panel just in front of my knees.

Can you drive a 49cc scooter in Florida without license?

I know u can drive an electric bike or moped up to 700 watts, don't know about gas(like a puch or tomos)

When did Tomos Prys die?

Tomos Prys died in 1634.

When was Angharad Tomos born?

Angharad Tomos was born on 1958-07-19.

Does the transmission need fluid on a 49cc moped?

Yes it does. in a four stroke the tranny oil is shared with the engine oil...the sachs maddass utilizes this type of system. in a two stroke like the tomos line of moped/scooter, a type f transmission fluid is used, musch like in a car's auto trans.

How do you make your tomos nitro faster 49cc?

how to make tomos nitro mopad run faster

What has the author Jose Tomos Cabot written?

Jose Tomos Cabot has written: 'Cantico en la noche'

What has the author Mike P Ireland written?

Mike P. Ireland has written: 'Professor Tomos' 'Tomos' lot' -- subject(s): Fiction, Students

What is the Welsh word for Sir?

Syr (as in Syr Tomos, Sir Thomas.)

How fast can a Tomos Nitro 50 go?

I've done 45 mph on mine.

How did they come up with the name atom?

It is from the greek word 'atomos' meaning: indivisible. a=not, tomos=cutting.

What fuel oil mixture can be used for a 50cc 2 stroke child's quad?

Well on my tomos 50cc dirtbike it's 3.0 ounces of oil per U.S. gallon but that's on mine I think that should work and on my tomos it's a 50:1 fuel mix ratio

Ailsa Craig tomos 4 outboard motor owners manul?

i have 1975 manual I can photocopy 22 pages

What is toma's in Welsh?

The Welsh version of Thomas (Tomás) is Tomos. Short forms are Tom, Tomi, Twm, Twmi.

Is tomos evans in llanelli is gay?

Iv met him and he came on to me a little bit strongly, so i would say he is gay.

What has the author D A Fleischer written?

D. A. Fleischer has written: 'Corfirias' 'Ecografia En Obstetricia y Ginecologia - 2 Tomos'

Which scientist coined the term atom?

The Greek philosopher Aristotle used the term atom (átomos) around 450 B.C.

How do you get more power out of your 49cc engine?

sounds like a moped engine. if its two stroke, purchase a bi-turbo exhaust i used one on my Tomos and it really increased performance and it does not have a governor in it. If you dont want to pay money, just remove the governor on the exhaustIf you're just talking a motor, better air filter, better lube, eliminate friction everywhere, make sure your oil is the right one and clean and synthetic.It would help if you said the application of the 49cc motor

If the radio works fine on the AM stations and does not even get static on the FM stations in a 1996 Dodge Intrepid is the problem the radio or the antenna?

Buy a new car! Unless you want a 1996 Two ton radio! Does the CAR WORK? DRIVE THE FARKER AND BUY A BOOM BOX AND PUT ON THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU. USELESS FARKER. Buy a Tomos Moped. Hey< usually that is an unpluggeg antenna> Check the back of the radio and there is also a connection behind the right kick panel under the glove box, may have come unplugged there.

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