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no not at all just make sure your skilled enough to handle quick stops


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Diamonds don't need to be GIA certified, but it ensures that a diamond is real, and it ensures the diamonds quality. You sometimes will need to have this certification if you want to insure a diamond or put it on a service plan.

no Nope! Snowboarding can be done individually. It does not need to have a team to play this sport.

To get diamond camo on Black Ops 2, you will need to all of the weapon camouflage for each gun. Once all of the weapons are unlocked, the diamond camo will be available for use.

Do Yu Need Office Assistant certification Do You Need Office Assistant certification

you dont need the certification to become a nurse, but you do need it to work. If your planning to get a job then you need to get your certification cause no hospital or clinic will hire you without one.

To get Diamond camo in Black ops 2 you need to unlock the gold camo for all weapons in that category, Example To unlock Diamond camo for Mp 7 you need to have the gold camo for all the other Sub Machine Guns. Hope this helped.

you need a shalament certification to become a fashion designer.

do you mean dialga? you cant catch that Pokemon in black hehehe. you need to transfer it from diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, or soulsilver to black, but you need an extra DS and you need the national pokedex

yes you do need some type of degree or certification to teach an excercise is good to have the degree/certification.

The HR certification is a certification showing that you have mastered a certain position that you have learned in a period of time. HR certification are use in organizations that are in need of hiring or payroll.

because you need snow to do it

You need certification do do nursing duties. You could do janitorial or other such duties without a certification.

Most contracting companies do require certification as part of the job requirement. You may not need certification to operate all of the heavy machinery but you need the certification to get the job.

In most cases, massage therapists do need a certification if they want to get a good pay. If you want to give touch massages professionally, then you`ll most definitely need a certification.

You can't, because Pokemon black was made after Pokemon diamond, Pokemon diamond wouldn't be able to recognise any of the new Pokemon. So to solve this problem they stopped all trading from black to any other game apart from white. You can however get your Pokemon from diamond to black by using the poke transfer, yet you need to have won the league for the first time to be able to do this.

Yes, you do need certification to become a CP.

To get your phlebotomy certification you will need to pass a class and a written exam

· kayaking · kite snowboarding

You need to take many classes at a college or university to get a forensic science certification. On average it will take 3-5 years to get a certification.

In most cases you will need certification in order to be a chef. At the very least you will need to complete a food safety course to obtain certification. Even if you open your own restaurant, you will need the food safety certification.

What courses would you need for a Dance certification, what time frame that would be needed.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of certification you're looking for. Are you looking for a degree or just a certification. Once you narrow down what you need, just do an your homework for the field that you're trying to get the certification for.

No. One does not need a certificate to be a project manager.However, there are places the provide PMP certification.PMP:Project Management Professional, a certification in project management

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