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Nope! All you do is log in, go to the iTunes homepage and click "redeem". There you type in the code that you have scratched off on the back of your itunes gift card.

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How do you purchase credit on iTunes?

buy a iTunes gift card is considered credit, but just use a credit or debit card if you have no gift card

How can you get an iTunes account without a credit card or gift card?

There is no possible way to do that. Creating an iTunes account requires the use of a credit card, and/or gift card.

How do you add money to an iTunes account?

Purchase a new iTunes gift card. Also, iTunes material can also be purchased by a credit card that is inserted in your account info. (Every iTunes user has to give a credit card number)

Why does iTunes need a credit card to redeem iTunes cards?

Actually you don'tif you have a gift card you dont need your credit card

Do you have to pay all the time after you have used your iTunes gift card?

An iTunes gift card puts some credit on your account once that has been used you will need another gift card or bank/credit card to purchase items from the iTunes store.

Can you pay for apps without itunes cards?

Yes with a credit card. But always use a gift card because they use your credit card number and you'll have to cancel it. I'll stick with the gift card

On iTunes what do you pay with?

On itunes, you can pay with your credit card or a gift card. Personally, I go out and buy a gift card and use it, just enter the code when it asks for it. I don't like giving my credit card number out, so gift cards is the way I do it. IF you use a gift card, go to redeem, and enter the cade. Hope this helped !:)

Why isn't iTunes downloading your songs?

Because you dont have a valid credit card number or your gift card is empty

How do you make a iTunes account with out a credit card?

You buy a itunes gift card and make your account with that

How do you buy songs on iTunes when you account doesn't have money?

Put your credit card number in iTunes. ------------------ Or use a gift card to top up your account balance

How do you get money on your ipod touch?

To get on itunes, use gift card or credit card.

Can you only pay for iTunes with credit card?

You can purchase items from the iTunes store (iTunes itself is free) with a credit card, debit card or by using a gift card available from many retail outlets.

When you redeem an iTunes Gift Card and you want to buy an app does it charge your credit card?

It will only charge your credit card if you have it set up to do so. Otherwise, it should charge the iTunes Gift Card you just redeemed.

Do you have to have a credit card to use iTunes?

No you don't have to you can use a iTunes gift card or a Payclick by Visa Account or Paypal

Can you pay an iTunes bill with an iTunes card?

You can buy iTunes gift cards at any store that sell them, including WalMart as an example. Then you redeem the gift card to your iTunes account. Next you view the items on the store and when you buy it is automatically setup to use your gift card (store credit) before your credit card or other payment method is used. If you did not have store credit, the system will charge your other payment method, for example Paypal, Click&Buy, Credit Card.

How do you pay with an iTunes card?

You open iTunes on your computer and log in to iTunes Store with your Account with your ID and password. Then you go to the purchase menu and enter the Card number from the iTunes gift card. The iTunes Store will credit your on-line account with the value of the Card. Now the card is no longer required.The next time you go to the iTunes Store to purchase and download more songs, it will withdraw money from your credit.

What happens when you run out of money on your itunes gift card?

If you have a verified credit card still on the account then it will charge the credit card, if the credit card used to make the account has been removed you will not be able to purchase anything unless you have an itunes card.

What is a iTunes code?

Do you mean an iTunes gift card code? If you do, a gift card code is when you have an itunes account, but its not hooked up to your credit card or debit card (money wont be taken out of it for buying a song) Therefore, you need to buy an itunes gift card from the store and reedeem it on itunes. (the code is on the back of the gift card) However much you spent on the gift card, thats how much money goes into your itunes account, so you have to keep buying them if you use all your money

How do you refill your iTunes account?

Go to account, and enter your credit card. Or, use a gift card.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to pay for your songs on iTunes instead of a credit card?

To use an iTunes Gift Card to pay for your songs click on the Redeem link in the Quick Links box (top right) on the iTunes store home page.

Do you need an iTunes Music Store account to redeem a Gift Card?

When you redeem your gift card, you will have to open an account. However, you do not need a credit card to do this, just the gift card will do.

Do you have to use an itunes card or can you download music on your computer?

No. You can use PayPal and any major credit/debit card, as well as an iTunes Gift Card.

What is the you tunes gift card for?

there is no such thing of a you tunes gift card. it is called an itunes (notice how there is no space in itunes) gift card. an itunes gift card is for buying music off of the itunes store for your ipod.

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