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Do you need dragon amulet for dragon coins?


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No you can buy coins or you can buy a upgrade card for 5,000 dragon coins

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You need to buy them with money. Or, you could pay for a Dragon Amulet and get Dragon Coins with the amulet, but wither way you have to pay for them.

you will need to have wpe pro and wacth a video on youtube

If you have a dragon amulet you can also get more dragon coins

buy dragon coins or get amulet so u get free 2200 dragon coins

You either buy the coins directly without buying a dragon amulet or win a contest in the forums.

That's impossible. You either have to buy a dragon amulet or cheat. They don't give away dragon coins for free!

you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

you can't you need a dragon amulet for 1.79

No,you need a dragon amulet to summon, elementalize, and train your dragon on dragon fable

You Need Dragon Amulet.

The Void Ship is not avaliable with or without a Dragon Amulet currently.

to get a house, you will need a dragon amulet. after you get a dragon amulet, go to falconreach and the option to get a house will be on the screen

You need to pay real life money to get the dragon amulet . you cannot get it for free.

dragon fables this game never ends even if you have a dragon amulet becase it has more levels than9999 zillions i dont have a amulet but i am lvl 129

Talk to twilly in falcon reach you dont need an amulet im a lvl 14 with no amulet and i have oneYou only need the amulet to hatch it i think

There is no code for a dragon amulet..... Yes there is... Well idol...Its called the Dragon head of destruction. I need the code also.

You need to have an amulet for a baby dragon to fully grow sorry.

It's a simple thing to do! You goto get Dragon Amutlet (Or get Gamer points) the Dragon Amulet costs real life money. Package 1: 3 months membership and 2000 dragon coins. Package 2: 6 months membership and 8000 dragon coins. Package 3:A Years membership in Dragonfable 10,000 dragon coins I hope this helped you :)

Go to lady Celestia and feed you dragon(you need to buy food) then click train your dragon. If you have a dragon amulet you can do it anywhere by clicking on the dragon amulet.

Get a cheat to get a dragon amulet. That's what they do.

Well, you need a Dragon Amulet to actually BUY the thing, so I presume so yes.

you pay money to get a dragon amulet

yes but you need a dragon amulet

Half of the moves in dragon fable for classes need an amulet unlike your characters kind mage, warrior, or rogue. in which all moves are usable

You have to buy the dragon amulet yourself.

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