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Yes you do need to have a valid legal license.


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As long as it's your only installation, yes. What you pay for is a single license, not the copy of the software... So, you could use any copy of the software with the license key you paid for, but you can't legally use it on more than one computer at the same time.

It is a kind of expenses like insurance expense, legal and professional expenses

Yes - whether it was pre-installed on your computer, or you purchased a legal copy from a computer shop - it includes a permanent license.

Yes, Windows on PSP is legal.

Their are 2 ways I know how to get it for free. 1.TRIAL(legal): If you have a friend/family member who has an installation disk you can use it and install windows 7 for a trial period (30days) 2. Cracked(Not Legal): You could go get a torrented version of windows 7 and follow the instructions but it is harder to get sometimes you can get viruses from it

no steriods are not legal in the professional basketball leage.

Vertical license plates on a motorcycle are not legal in Colorado.

Sure. If she was a legal notary and your license was filed with the state.

what is the legal limit on scooters to drive with a revoked license.

Downloading Windows 7 or any other Windows version is illegal. Even if you download it just for installation image and use your original Windows CD-KEY this is still illegal. In EULA is written that it is not allowed to make any copy of Windows installation disk and anyhow distribute it. You can get legal version only by buying a copy of Windows installation DVD or downloading in from Microsoft (MSDN accounts). Microsoft might and mostly will detect what Windows was not activated or was somehow hacked. In 2010 February Microsoft released new check for Windows hacking tools which include 70 latest hacks. So, Microsoft can find out that you are using illegal version of Windows, but will never take steps to remove it from your computers. Illegal Windows will have some limitations.

Since it is not the only identifying information on the license it is still legal.

You need to seek legal advice from a professional.You need to seek legal advice from a professional.You need to seek legal advice from a professional.You need to seek legal advice from a professional.

The license is legal if the application was filled out properly. However, the issuing of a license will not change the status of the husband, he remains in the country illegally.

Yeah It Is Legal, in texas at least. :)

the installation media is available for download. you can then burn it to a DVD. this is perfectly legal as you still need a license to use it. remember to check the hash and verify the burn.

If the bear was killed by someone with a legal license to do so, there is no problem.

With a license, yes. Without a license, no.

Buy a legal copy of Windows.

Yes, you can tint your windows, but every state has legal limit as to how dark the tint can be. Anyplace that tints windows will know the law in your state.

Yes, you need a license for a legal same-sex marriage, just as you need a license for a legal marriage between a man and a woman.

legal age in Queensland for a full drivers license is 17, but 16 and 9 months To go through your L's and P's etc. Before you get you full license.

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