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Do you need house insurance if you own a dog?

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You will need a Pet Insurance if you own a dog. You don't need a house insurance while owning a dog.

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What type of insurance do you need to own a cleaning service in North Carolina?

house insurance

Do you had to have a title to be able to by title insurance?

No, you need to own a house.

What if neighbor's house catch on fire then yours but your neighbor has no insurance?

If you have fire insurance on your own home you will be covered under your own policy. You don't need to worry about whether the neighbors house has insurance or not. It does not affect the coverage you have under your own policy.

Can you be sued if your dog bites a kid in your house?

You can be sued if your dog bits a child in your own house.

Can i have insurance of my own if you have a co-signer?

Yes, it makes no difference. You will need your own insurance.

If you own your car or house and are no longer making payments should you still have insurance on them?

If you own your car or house and are no longer making payments, should you still have insurance on them? Explain why or why not.

What is the List of dog breeds not covered by house insurance?

There is no general list. Each Insurance company can make there own underwriting guidelines regarding what type of pets they are or are not willing to provide liability coverage for.Answerpitbull

What is a Doga dog house good for?

A Doga dog house is good for people who own a dog. The dog house serves as a building that the dog lives in so it is protected from the elements while outside.

What does it mean to have the dog?

It means you need to own a dog

What type of insurance do you need to operate and own a barber shop?

There are many types of insurance you will need to own and operate your barbershop. The most important insurance will be liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you in the event someone is injured on your property.

Does house title insurance transfer?

No. Each owner must purchase their own title insurance.

Do you need car insurance if you do not own a vehicle?


Do you have to have Insurance to get a permint?

You don't need Insurance to get a permit, or even your license. You will need insurance if you own your over car and wish to put it on the road.'

Do you have to get auto insurance when you get your license?

No. You need not get insurance when you get a drivers license, but you must get insurance when you buy your own vehicle

Do you need insurance for a motorcycle if you have a permit in MA?

You dont need insurance the vehicle you drive needs it. If you own a motorcycle you will need insurance that covers any drivers of that motorcycle

I need my step-daughter insurance on my car as she do not own her own car now?

you can put her on your insurance as a named driver

Do you need car insurance in Ohio if you own your car?

Yes you will need car insurance in Ohio, if you own a car. Car insurance is mandatory to ensure people are covered for damage, in the case of a car accident.

Do I need building insurance for a building I don't own?

Yes, you will need building insurance. It is still wise to have some type of insurance to cover for damages and loss even though you don't own the building.

What age do you need car insurance?

there is no age, you buy car insurance when you own a car

Do you need insurance if you have a drivers license but do not drive or own a car?

No, the insurance is on the car, not the person.

What type of training do I need to open my own auto insurance business?

You will need an insurance license and the associated traiing to open an auto insurance business

Do i need car insurance if i dont own a car?


If you own a dog and fish would it be hard to own a mouse?

Only if you plan to keep the mouse in the dog house, or in the fish tank.

Can you own a pitbull dog in yonkers ny?

That area requires Insurance Coverage of $100,000.

Will your dog eat a mouse in the house?

yes to most dogs but not all . depends on what dog you own.

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