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no mopeds do not need insurance

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2011-09-13 02:18:34
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Q: Do you need insurance on a moped?
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Do you need insurance for moped 50cc?

you can

Does homeowners insurance cover your stolen moped if it was in your yard?

No, You would need cycle insurance for your moped. Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for vehicles that are designed to operate on public roads.

Do you need to register a moped in the state of ct?

If the engine on your moped is less than 50cc the moped does not need to be registered or carry liability insurance, but the driver MUST have a valid automobile drivers license.

Do you need insurance on a 50cc moped scooter?

no mopeds are very safe this person is lying yes you do have to have insurance

What exactly is moped insurance ?

moped insurance is insurance for a moped. A moped is like a small motorized scooter/bike like thing used to help transport people. Most commonly used in europe

When you are 16 can you drive a moped?

yes you have to be 16 to ride a moped but it can only be a 50cc when 16 you also need tax mot and insurance (cbt)

Do you need a drivers license to drive a moped in Pennsylvania?

I talked to a guy at a bicycle shop and he said you have to be 16, just a regular drivers license (no motorcycle or anything like that), insurance on the moped, and the moped must have pedals

Do you require insurance for a moped?

If the moped is power driven, you obviously require insurance policy for the same. Further, whether the moped plys in private or public road is also a factor. In the later case only, insurance policy will be required.

Do you need a drivers license to operate a 49cc moped in Kansas?

no license or insurance needed if under 50cc

Do you need auto insurance when owning a tomos streetmate Moped?

Yes. Mopeds, like all motorized vehicles require liability insurance. The cost for basic liability is about $80 a year for any size scooter, moped, or motorcycle.

Do you need insurence for a moped?

Requirements for licensing, registration, and insurance are different from state to state, and also depend on other factors. In South Carolina, you don't need insurance for anything under 50cc. In NY whether insurance is required depends on the top speed. For any other states, you'll just have to check your state's dmv (they should have the necessary info on their website). no mopeds are very safe and you do not need insurance you can use a moped any where with no insurance or lisens

Do you need vehicle insurance to drive a scooter or moped on the street?

any scooter or moped that is over 50cc requires insurance. if it is under 50cc, it is recommended by some that you get insurance but that would be a waste and is not necessary. it depends on your feelings about it though. CORRECTION: Any scooter that Equal to, OR Less than 50cc, does not require a license nor insurance in most states.

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