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Do you need insurance to drive with a provisional license?


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Not if you're driving a gaurdians vehicle that has insurance.


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If you own a vehicle then you have to have auto insurance depending on your state laws. Whether you have a provisional license or a regular license you still have the exact same need for auto insurance. It is so that if something happens the insurance will protect you from financial ruin.

Yes, you will need insurance to drive with a CDL license.

Yes, but you will need to be accompanied by a fully qualified driver.

In the United States it is not required that you have a drivers license of any type to purchase and own a car. You do need a license though to drive the car.

No. You need full UK driving licence to drive in France

no no matter what you need license to drive legally

tracktor tracktorProvisional car licence

Yes. You need a driver's license and insurance.

Yes you can, you need a provisional license inorder to but you can operate a motorcycle in new jersey

Yes. You need a driver's license and insurance.

Yes. You need a drivers license and insurance.

To drive in America, you need a drivers license and a car.Also need car insurance. It is illegal in most states not to have insurance.

If you have your G2 or higher you need insurance to drive.

There would be no point to that. To answer: No, obviously why would you need insurance if you don't drive a car?

Yes, you need a provisional motorcycle license and certificate of insurance at the very least to ride any scooter on a public road in the UK.

It depends on what you mean by a "provisional" license. Typically that is reserved for someone who has lost a license because of violations such as driving while impaired. If you have lost a license because of impaired driving or exceeding the number of "points" that have been acquired, you'll need to speak with either the judge who revoked your license or the state drivers license office, then you'll need proof of insurance. Insurance following an impaired driving traffic violation or repeated traffic citations can be quite expensive.

yes you do or how are you ment to drive the car

Not legally. You need a valid driver's license and insurance.

Car insurance is compulsory in order to take a drive test.

I am pretty sure you need insurance in every state except Wisconsin to get your license. In Wisconsin it is only illegal to have an accident without insurance (how silly is that!?). In ANY event, you should always have insurance to drive.

You need a driver's license to drive, and insurance on the vehicle you're driving.

If you are under 18 you have the provisional license so you are not technically allowed to drive with minors. However, the DMV manages to make exceptions to some. It states that if you have a family need to drive your siblings you are able to. (:

Yes and you need to have a provisional licence, have passed your theory test and you are required to pass Compulsory Basic Training.

AnswerIf you have a suspended license you shouldn't be driving and won't need car insurance. On the other hand, if you are attempting to comply with a court order to get car insurance before getting a provisional license, you may have to go to one of the insurance companies that cover special needs. Call around to different insurance companies to see whether they will write a policy that covers what you want. It may cost extra though.OR... just call an insurance company Like NationWide and they will do it in the State of Washington. I just did.

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