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If you don't plan to connect to the internet with a subscription that you pay, you don't need it, and that is true for every computer

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i have a laptop, but i can"t afford internet service. how can i get free wireless service?

i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services. how can i get free wireless service

does Philly have free wireless internet service?

i need mobile access to the internet w/my laptop i would like to know about the free internet

Can I take my laptop anywhere and use with wireless internet Do I have to connect anything to my computer ?

If your laptop has a wireless ethernet card then you won't need anything to connect, assuming there is an accessible wireless network in range. I have a computer with dial up internet service. I bought a laptop computer for my son. I was wondering how can I make his laptop have a wireless internet service. Thank you

If you buy a laptop online when you receive the laptop in the mail are you automatically able to go on the internet?

If you have an ISP (Internet Service Provider), you have a good chance of going online right after receiving a laptop from an online seller. You may need to do some set-up with the help of your ISP. You will also need an external modem and maybe a router to have service from the ISP.

What kind of service do you need for you obtain internet wherever you go with your laptop?

The laptop needs to be able to use wifi , and what is known as a 'hotspot' in the area where you want to use the laptop. A hotspot is a site providing Internet access over a wireless local area network.

What do l need in order to carry my dell laptop to another city about 50 miles away. l want to use it in a home that has no internet service.?

You need your charger and a carrying case. If you want to use the internet in a home with no internet service you should consider getting an air card. That way you can pay a monthly fee and have wireless internet access anywhere you go. how can i get a wireless intent for my laptop to carry with me anywhere

I am looking for a cheap internet service for my wireless laptop and I live out in the country with a whole lot of trees will it reach ?

I am looking for a cheap internet service for my laptop and I live out in the country with a whole of trees will it reach ?

If you buy laptop with wireless enableed will it connect wireles router or does lap top need wifi?

If you have a router (connected to internet), and you get a laptop with wireless enabled you do not need anything else. You can connect your laptop to the router and have internet on your laptop.

Internet on a laptop with a modem?

You can connect your laptop to the Internet with a cable modem, sure. You will need an Ethernet cable to do that. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem, and a wireless router as well.

i need free internet service?

i need free internet

If you have netgear router at home and you take your laptop on vacation can you get internet service?

Yes, you can. But you will need to find a free spot or get hotel's subscription if it does not have it free.

Do you need wireless internet for a laptop?

No. But this depends if you wan't to go use the internet or not

Do you need to buy Wifi after you buy a laptop?

no you dont NEED it, but you do need a router(wifi connection) in order to use the internet on the laptop

What are the similarities between a desktop and a laptop?

they need internet

How do you get internet service for a laptop without a home phone?

Just call any internet service provider or search it using a search engine and sign up for home internet services only. If you are on the phone explain to them that you do not need other services besides the internet service. IVC Tel only sells internet only plans for now.

I need a phone for Wireless Internet Service Providers?

I need a phone number for Wireless Internet Service Providers

I am Travelling to London Miami and Barbados I would like to use my wireless connection on my laptop do I need an Internet service provider for each country?


What is the purpose of a laptop modem?

The purpose of a laptop modem is to provide the signals needed to allow the laptop to be functional and have internet service. Laptop modems can be purchased in retail stores or online.

If you have got a non wireless internet modem and you also have a laptop ha do you get internet on your laptop without plugging in?

You need to add a wireless access point to your wired internet.

How do you get Internet connection?

To get an internet connection, you need the following:device- pc/ laptop/ mobile etc.service provider- bsnl/ tata photon/ reliance etc.modem/ wifi/ dongal etc.

Need to download drivers on laptop but got no internet can you connect to PC and download them from that?

Connect a router lead from your internet box (if you have one) to your laptop.

What does it mean to have a laptop tablet PCS?

A laptop tablet is a device smaller than a laptop but with the added benefit of a touch screen, such as an iPad. PCS stands for personal communication services, a wireless internet service that will enable you to connect your laptop tablet to the internet.

Will I need internet to set up a laptop?

No, you don't need a internet connection to set up a laptop as long as you have all of your programs that you need to install on removable disk drives like CDs and DVDs. You will need an internet connection to activate and update your installed software.

What equipment does one need to setup laptop wireless internet access?

The main equipment you need to set up laptop wireless internet access is a functioning wireless adapter and a router connecting to the internet. You also need to be in signal range of the router.

What is the function of an ISP?

The function of an Internet service provider is simply to provide Internet service to those who need Internet service. Internet service providers, may offer dial-up or broadband service to consumers.

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