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yes you do that is the only way to put music on your iPod

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Do you have to buy music from iTunes to listen to music on your ipod?

No, you do not. I believe you do need to have iTunes to put music on an iPod, but you can download the actual music off the internet or Limewire, etc, put it in iTunes, and then load it onto the iPod from there.

How can you put music on your iPod for free without itunes?

To put music on you iPod without iTunes is impossible. iTunes and iPod don't they sound a lot alike. So to put music on your iPod is impossible without iTunes.

To put music in an iPod do need a CD?

No, you do not need a CD to put music on your iPod Touch. The individual song just has to be in your iTunes Music library.

How do you put music onto an old ipod shuffle?

In order to put music onto an old iPod Shuffle, you need to put it on through iTunes. Your iTunes must mesh with the iPod app.

Does iPod require iTunes?

Yes, an iPod requires iTunes. You need iTunes to put new music, games, etc on your iPod. No other program will work with your iPod.

How do i put music from itunes on to my ipod after i buy it?

you need to download this program to convert it to your iPod

How do you put Rhapsody music on your iPod?

In order to put music on an iPod, first put the music into your computer's iTunes (download this if necessary). Once the music is in the iTunes, syncing the iPod should put the music in.

What do you need to put music onto a ipod?

you need the latest version of itunes

Do you have to buy iTunes to have music for your iPod?

no, 1.Itunes is free 2.you can put music on your computer to Itunes then ipod.

Can you put a regular music on a iPod?

You can get music from iTunes.

How do you put iTunes on your ipod touch?

you put itunes on your computer or laptop, not the ipod itself. Then use itunes to download the music to your ipod. If you go on the apple website it has quite simple instructions on how to download itunes and music.

How do you upload your music that is on your computer to your iPod?

Put the music into Itunes and then sync them to your iPod

How do you put music on an iPod nano?

What You Need:iTunesa cord to connect your iPod to your computermusicStart:open iTunesput your music into your library If you buy it off of iTunes, it should automatically show up in your iTunes libraryIf you have it in mp3 format, drag the files into the iTunes libraryIf you have it on a CD, insert the CD into the disk drive; and import the songs into iTunesplug in your iPod using the cordclick 'synchronize'.eject your iPodHi, thanks for that-but how will you add music if you have music in your Limewire libary and you have to do something to itunes to add and put the songs inyour ipod-ITS SOOO HARD!

How can you import music from your cds to your Ipod Nano?

You have to download software off the internet called Itunes. You can then import the music to itunes, and then from itunes, you can put it in the ipod.

How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.

How do you put mucis and games on ma ipod touch?

download itunes, put music onto itunes then drag and drop (while still in Itunes) from "Music" to "what ever your Ipod is called"

Is there a way to put songs from my ipod onto iTunes free?

If you connect the iPod to iTunes, go to the iPod's music library, and then just drag the songs from the iPod to the iTunes music library.

How do you add music to ipod from LimeWire?

Music is put on the iPod by iTunes. Downloaded music must first be added to the iTunes Libray by iTunes [File > Add to Library], then iTunes will put it onto the iPod. If necessary, music must converted into a format that is usable by iTunes. This depends on your set up. iTunes will try to convert files as it adds them to the library.

How do you put music in the iPod Shuffle?

You use itunes to down load music to an ipod shuffle

Do you have to use iTunes to put music in your ipod?

As far as I know, you do have to use iTunes.

How do you put purchased music from Apple onto your iPod?

You sync your music to the iPod with the iTunes software (See links below). If you have an iPod Touch you can use the iTunes app on the iPod to purchase music directly onto the iPod.

How do you upload music from a computer onto an ipod with itunes if the ipod doesnt show up?

If iTunes doesnt show the iPod there isn't a lot that you can do with putting music on it. The only way to put music on it and listen to it is that you use iTunes.

How do you put music from iTunes onto your ipod nano?

Load the music files into iTunes, and select "Synchronize".

Is it illegal to put music from iTunes onto the dsi?

no, it's like putting music from itunes on a ipod :)

Do you need iTunes to put music on your ipod touch?

Yes, legally speaking, you need iTunes to add songs into your iPod. iTunes is a free download. You might have the setup CD with you when you bought your iPod. Else, just goto www.apple.com, and download iTunes from there. No, you need not purchase songs from iTunes. You can also just drag and drop your existing songs into your iTunes.

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