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its a very good idea

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Q: Do you need sealant or Silicone with the gasket when changing the water pump in a 1994 Chevy Astro Van - 4.3L?
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Are there any known problems with 2004 astro leaking water at rear doors?

silicone spray helps wipe it on all rubber gaskets and wherever the gasket touches metal

How do you replace head gasket on a 1997 Chevy Astro awd?

Remove the cylinder had from your 1997 Chevy Astro engine. Remove the head gasket and clean the surface. Put the new head gasket on and reverse the process.

Head gasket torque specs 4.3 Chevy astro?

The 4.3 liter Chevy Astro head gasket torque specification is 160 pounds. The head gasket bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.

How to replace the Intake manifold gasket on a 1996 Chevy Astro?

Remove the intake manifold retaining bolts from your 1996 Chevy Astro Van. Remove the manifold gasket and clean the surface. Reverse the process to install the new intake manifold gasket.

How do you change the exhaust manifold gasket on a 93 Chevy astro van?

You will need to remove the exhaust manifold retaining bolts in your 1993 Chevy Astro. Remove the exhaust manifold. Remove the exhaust manifold gasket and clean the surface. Reverse the process to install the new exhaust manifold gasket.

On a head gasket for an Astro 4.3 which side is up?

Gaskets that have an "UP" are marked with a stamp saying UP - LEFT - RIGHT. If there is no stamp, there is no "UP" on the gasket

Leaking water pump gasket on a 1997 Chevy astro van?

if you have a leaking water pump gasket i thing bay a new one is better

Changing a Astro serpetine belt?

its a harry pickle like brooklen

Where is transmission drain plug located on a 95 astro?

No transmission drain plug. You have to drop the pan, then replace the filter and gasket.

How long does it take to change the upper intake gasket on a 1992 Chevy astro van with a 4.3?

It took 4.3 hours

How can you change transmission fluid in a 1994 Chevy Astro?

Drop the lower transmission pan Clean pan Replace filter and gasket

How do you change transmission fluid in a 97 astro awd?

Remove the transmission oil pan for access to filter Replace fluid, filter and gasket

Can a blown intake manifold gasket cause a 1994 Chevy Astro to run rich and foul the plugs?

That would probably cause it to run lean.

Why does your Chevy astro van shake at idle and moving and spew smoke?

Could have a head gasket problem. Need to know what color smoke is coming out of exhaust. If the smoke is white and has a sweet smell to it, you have a bad head gasket or a cracked head or both.

Why is a 94 Chevy Astro 4.3 still backfiring after changing the cap rotor plugs and coil?

Plug wires are installed incorrectly.

Cost to replace intake gasket on astro van?

I have a mid size RV that's shaped like a van in the front. The intake was removed. Is it hard to put back on.  

Where is the drain bolt for a transmission on a 1998 astro van?

If this question is about an automatic transmission, there is no drain bolt, you must remove the pan, which will not only allow you to drain the fluid, but also change the filter. You will have to replace the pan gasket. All the items that you need are in a kit, gasket & filter.

Does a 98 astro 4.8 have a distributor cap and rotor button?

Yes, while you are changing, check the distributor gear for wear, common issue.

How do you fix or replace a blown out head gasket for a 1987 Astro Van?

This is a major repair and requires a skilled mechanic. You have to take the head off. and replace the gasket and get it put back on properly. Unfortunately, something made the gasket blow and once you get the engine apart you will likely see that the rings and pistons are worn and the valves need regrinding , etc, etc. I do not know about the Astro Van, but you may have to take the engine. If so, this is a major job , requiring some kind of hoist, in itself, as is putting it back in. You might do better by selling the car for parts.

Have an 1999 astro van you have a water leak comin from the top part of the motor?

More than likely your intake gasket is at fault cusing the leak. This is common on 4.3 v6 engines.

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What does the prefix 'astro' mean?

''astro'' means star in greek.

What is astro?

Astro is a space mission

How many hours to change intake gaskets on a 1997 Chevy astro van?

I did an intake gasket on a 2004 astro awd 4 month ago. It not that hard but you got to remove everything around of the engine compartment. It took me maybe 5 hours. U got to be a little flex to work with it . GOod luck

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