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Yes, all police detectives start out as officers. The detective position is a promotion that an officer works towards.

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Q: Do you need to be a police officer before becoming a police detective?
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Do you have to be a police officer to be a detective?

no The above answer is not complete. In most police departments you do have to be a patrol officer prior to becoming a detective. Private detectives are not police officers.

Do you have to be a police officer before you become a detective?

A police detective, yes. A private detective, maybe not.

Where can I get my private investigator degree ?

To become a police detective, you have to first become a police officer. Requirements to become a police officer vary, and how you become a police officer varies depending on the state and the department. Most police departments require officers work at least 2 (usually more) years before being eligible to become a detective. Becoming a detective is usually a very competitive process. If you want to become a police detective, become the best police officer that you can. Maintain an excellent record and reputation.

Do you need to be a police before becoming a police detective?

I suspect it depends on department policy and regulations. Locally to me, yes, you must be a police officer for at least 3 years before you can be promoted to detective, however, a friend of mine was a police dispatcher (not an officer, just a dispatcher) and one afternoon, the chief came in and asked him if he wanted to be a detective. My friend said yes, so the chief issued him a badge and gun and told him to go to a crime scene with another detective. HOWEVER, that was in a small town that had only 20 or 30 officers.

Do you need to be a police officer before becoming a animal control cop?


Do you need to be a police officer first before becoming a crime scene investigator?

I dont know about other states, but in Illinois you have to be a police officer for 2 years before you can become a crime scene investigator. I don't know about other states, but in Illinois you have to be a police officer for 2 years before becoming a crime scene investigator.

What is the chain of command for LAPD?

Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant II, Sergeant I, Detective III, Detective, II, Detective I, Senior Lead Police Officer, Lead Police Officer, Police Officer

What will my consequences be for finishng high school a year late i planned on having fasfa pay for an online college and than becoming a police officer and eventuall?

eventually becoming a police detective is that option still on the table

What are detective relative works?

police officer

What are the promotion opportunities as a police officer?

a Police Officer can get Promoted to Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Chief of Detectives and Commissioner.

What is the difference between a detective and a police officer?

A detective investigates. A police officer catches bad guys.Another View: There is no difference. They are all police officers. Detective is simply a job title that describes that particular officer's job (e.g.: canine handler - patrol officer - SWAT member - etc).

How can you use detective in a sentence?

you could write, when i get older i would like to be a detective or a police officer

If a police officer s killed are his cases dropped in court?

No. The police officer is acting as an agent to enforce the laws of the State. The next officer or detective will handle it.

What does dejective mean?

There is no such word as dejective. I assume you mean detective. A detective is a police officer that investigates crimes.

Is becoming a police officer hard?

yes it is because you have train first to become a officer.

What comes after detective?

Once a Police Officer has been promoted to Detective, he or she may thereafter be promoted to Police Lieutenant. There would be only one promotion left after Police Lieutenant.

Age restriction on becoming police officer?

Will depend on the jurisdiction.

Who has higher rank a parole officer of Police detective?

Rank is irrelevant in this case, because parole officers and police detectives work for different organizations. A police detective usually works for a police department, and a parole officer works for the Dept. of Corrections or a Parole and Probation agency.

How does one go about being a homicide detective?

In order to be a homicide detective, one must first become a police officer. Often after years of being an officer, one can then apply within the police force to become a detective. One must have great investigating skills.

What is the definition of a narcotics officer?

A police officer/detective whose assignment is primarily the investigation of narcotics and drug trafficking.

Was Forrest griffin a police officer before UFC?

Yes, he was a police officer in Georgia before making it big in the UFC.

How do you become k9 police officer?

You start out by becoming a police officer. Most police departments choose k9 officers from within their department. Usually an officer with seniority is given preference. The officer is then sent to school to learn how to use and care for a k9.

Does a security career pay less than a police career?

Yes a security officer will definitely pay less than a police officer. As a security officer you are not required to get your criminal justice degree; however becoming a police officer requires one.

What is female police known as?

A Policewoman.Answer:A female police officer is a police officer. If her rank is known she should be addressed as Constable, Sergeant, Detective, Chief, etc. In conversation the use of ma'am would be appropriate.

How much would you get paid an year if you were a police officer?

if you were a police officer would you have to get tazed before you get a tazor?