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There are several things that you need to do to get a good pedal. Start bleeding the brakes on the right rear then left rear then right front then left front. also when bleeding the brakes DON'T PUMP THE PEDAL Push it down once to keep from mixing the air with the fluid. Then let off of the pedal and wait 5 seconds before pumping once again. This takes longer but it is effective. Make sure you have new fluid going through the system at the right rear before going to the next wheel.

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Q: Do you need to bleed the ABS on your 1999 Olds van if you've replaced the brakes and bled the lines but the brake pedal still goes to the floor?
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What causes brake to go down to floor if brakes have been replaced?

Air in the brake system- Brake system needs to be bleed and fluid needs to be added while you are doing that.

Having brake problems on a 95 ford ranger xlt 2.3l v6 you replaced master cylinder brake booster bled the brakes pedal still goes to the floor?

You need to bleed the brakes.

What is wrong if the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor after master cylinder has been replaced already?

Usually means they probably didn't bleed the brakes or did not top off the brake fluid

Replace rear brake padsrotors and calipers as well as master cylinder and pcv and bled the brakes but still the pedal goes to the floor what next?

If You Replaced the master cylinder Did you Bleed it as well? if not you need to bleed it first. then bleed the brakes start with the passenger side rear, then driver side rear, then passenger side front, then finally the driver side front.

You put a new break line on the the brakes are going to the floor what can you do it is a 1992 Saturn?

Bleed the brake lines and make sure there is no air in the system.

When pressing brake have slight pressure initiallythen it goes to the floor If you hold the brake pedal to the floor you will have some breaking power Fluid levels are ok?

try and bleed brakes , if that wont work you need a master cylander

You replaced rear brake shoes and drums your brakes are now fading and have to be pumped to stop There are no leaks and the adjustment is up where it should be?

Try bleeding your brakes. If there is air in the system it can give a spongy feeling to your brake pedal and require you to pump your brakes and/or put your brake pedal to the floor.

When i press on the brake pedal of my 2000 mercury mystique the pedal gos to floor after doing brakes?

It sounds like you need to bleed the system of air.

How to tell if you need your brakes replaced?

The best way to tell when you need brakes is by squeaking, when the brakes are rubbing against the metal, when your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and when you are running out of break fluid.

Driving along brake pedal went all the way to floor and ABS light came on How do you repair brakes on a 1997 dodge ram 1500?

Defective Master Cylinder or broken brake line. Replace the master cylinder and bleed the brakes.

Brakes going to the floor?

you either need to bleed your brakes, add fluid or get a master cylinder

Just replaced your master cylinder on a 99 Pontiac Montana a week ago and your brake pedal goes to the floor again?

bleed your lines,may be air in them

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