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Do you need to buy auto insurance in NJ if the car is not being driven and is just sitting in a garage?


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If the car is registered, meaning that it has license plates, it must have liability insurance. If you hace a loan, the bank probably requires insurance. If it is just sitting on private property without tags, no insurance needed.

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Excluding finance payments and insurance, maintenance costs could be zero to several thousand per month. It depends on whether the car is sitting in a garage/museum or being driven as they were intended - around racetracks.

Only if it's still being driven while waiting on a buyer

If you want to keep it registered and keep the plates, yes.

If the vehicle is being stored away and not driven then you don't need to carry insurance. But it might be a good idea to carry just theft and fire if the vehicle is worth anything. You should also check with your individual state regulations just to be sure.

If it is completely off the road you do not need to pay insurance. But do not move it one inch on a public road!

If the vehicle is not being driven you are not required to have insurance. Many people however, do still carry, comprehensive coverage on the ''parked or garaged'' vehicle. This coverage protects you from theft, weather, fire, vandalism etc.

Basically, if your vehicle is being repaired at a garage within the ICICI Lombard network, then your claim is cashless. In case the garage is not part of the network, you will be reimbursed for it.

Why would you need insurance if your car isn't going to be driven on public streets? Now... if you plan on preserving your car as a collectors item or the like... you can add it to your home insurance. Car insurance companies aren't going to insure a car that isn't being driven - if you have a collection at your home, it'll go under your home-owners insurance. ANC, esq.

They would need a warrant or permission from the owner of the garage or of the car or both. They could claim there was a risk the car would be driven out of the jurisdiction if they had to wait for a warrant.

Texas does not require car insurance if you are not driving it. You will have to insure it when you decide to drive it again.

Collector car insurance is usually fitted to meet the insurance needs on a classic car rather than a modern day car. It benefits you in the sense that collector insurance is cheaper due to the car being driven less, as it is a collectors.

This varies between insurance carriers, and takes into consideration your age, driving history, vehicle being driven while insured ... call your auto insurance agent today.

Your best bet is to try - they provide specialist insurance for US vehicles being driven in the UK

There are too many cars in the world to count all of them, especially if you count the ones that are not being driven and are sitting on car lots waiting to be sold.

Perhaps, It just depends on whether the vehicle being driven fits the definition of an insured vehicle under the terms of your insurance policy. All policies are not the same. If your not sure just call your insurance agent and he or she can answer your questions.

Car insurance is designed to cover your vehicle should you need to allow someone to use it. There may be some difficulties with coverage if it is being primarily driven by someone who isn't rated on the policy.

It is liability insurance purchased by a person who does not own a car. Rather than "following the car" as most liability insurance does, non-owners coverage "follows the driver". Therefore, it covers the driver, subject to its terms and conditions, regardless of the car being driven.

If a person that is not covered by the insurance of the car being driven is given a ticket, the driver is responsible for the ticket. The insurance company that covers the car can tell the owner what affect it may or may not have for the policy owner.

It depends on many factors, like type of car, type of insurance, age, experience, location, garaging, security features, driving history. All of these are taken into account. A new and inexperienced driver is likely to pay more insurance than the value of the vehicle being driven.

No MOT, providing the vehicle is not dangerous to drive, is NOT a reason for the Police to have a car towed away. A car can be towed away, for no insurance, being driven by an uninsured person, or even reasonable suspicion of being driven with no insurance. No driving license or no tax are also a valid reason to have a car towed away. According to Surrey Police, if they tow your car away by mistake, providing the officer was not negligent, do not have to refund you the costs of recovering your vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, chickens CAN be driven and often are in fact driven for quite many a year. If you have found any of my chickens being driven, let me know and I will call the police.

insurance for commerical vehicles is higher because of the fact they will be driven more frequently by multiple drivers. The driving distance could vary from short to long. The probabality of being in an accident is greater, as well as lawsuits.

If a car is not being driven you do not need to keep it insured. However if your car is damaged while uninsured you will not be compensated.

You find the leaf blower in the garage (the garage is being covered by the van.)

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