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Definitely not. Just because you shoot 'differently' doesn't mean that the shot doesn't work. Now, if you are getting blocked often or it takes a while (as in about 2-3 seconds) to release the ball, then maybe, but you said the shot works for you, so ignore everybody else and continue practicing your shot. If you try to change your shot, you will only get worse. Trust me- it messes up your shot, as you will be in between different types of shooting styles and will be unsure of yourself. Stick with your form

Absolutely not. You are obviously doing something right. The idea is to be accurate and consistent, not look pretty doing it. Your coach is just trying to help you, which is great. Listen to the advice and, who knows, maybe it will help your shot even more, but don't change anything drastic, especially during the season.

I don't think so. It's what makes you feel comfortable when you shoot. At this point your shot could get worse.

Also being 14 years old and having people tell me to change my shot I beilive that you should try to do it, but not in the middle of the season. In the summer get up early every day and practice the "right way to shoot". Keep practicing and really try to learn.

Well, if you plan to play NCAA Div I basketball, you should seriously work on changing your form.

If you're going to be playing pick-up games at the park, it won't matter.

There is reason why nearly all NBA players shoot more or less the same (from the field, that is). It works.

Tiger Woods changed his shot a few years back at a huge risk... but it panned out.

free throws don't matter but if you have a line drive shot or slow release then you should consider changing...shots like this can be easily defended by good competition.

Yeah --- I've seen you play, though a year ago, or so; I've talked to your father. I like your game, and believe you have a good future. I'm always reluctant to change a player's shot - if they shoot for a high percentage, and don't get it blocked. However, in general, the best techniques, over time, yield the best results! I think you were just there, but, if not, check out the website Good luck - and, work hard.

if the wrong way works stay with it.look at nba great Larry bird who started his shot with his hands almost behind his head.also peja stojokavik of the Sacramento Kings who is a right handed shooter but starts on the left side of his body

I know the answer is stupid but its worth reading it, worked for me and now my shooting has increased and becomed better. Play any new basketball video game, make a great shot, see the replay in slowmotion and then as you saw in the game do the hand movement without jumping and you'll see how you improve and practice everyday.

The only reason that you are comfortable with your shoot is because you are use to it. You learned to shoot the basketball the way that you are most comfortable with. (it is common that people do not like to do things that feel awkward or uncomfortable.) Having played basketball for a while, I have learned there are many different ways to shoot a basketball, but only one way that works (Classic Micheal Jordan style). You can get the ball off fast and accurately (once you get use to the shooting style). With practice, using this new shooting style, you will notice tremendous results.

I agree with all of these though when you look at Shaun Marion he has the worst form ever and is a good shooter and has made a difference in the NBA

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Q: Do you need to change the way you shoot a basketball if the 'wrong way' works for you?
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