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Do you need to confirm your email address on stardoll to get 25 stardollars?


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2008-06-28 04:14:21
2008-06-28 04:14:21

yes. to vote,to get free stardollars etc. you need to confirm your email address.


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Yes you can if you confirm your email address you will get 1 stardollar a day and when you play and earn you can get 5 stardollars but these will run out after a period of time.Hope this was use full ^^

yes last time i did it and you earned stardollars but now since the stupid starcoins come out you have to play and earn but if you are a superstaryou can exchane starcoins to stardollars add me on Jasmine10145 on stardoll

When you first join stardoll and edit your suite, it asks you for an parent's/guardian's email address. The email address you entered would be sent the email of child registration. You have to log into the email and click the link provided or wait for your parent/guardian to accept it for you.

Go into your email and there should be a link. Click it and it should bring you to your stardoll mypage :)

Send in your email (must be your real one) and go into your email and confirm it.

Well you can email your friends on stardoll about your club and ask them to join or/and advertise in the space provided for a small fee of stardollars!

If you are not a Superstar on Stardoll, you can still get up to $5 stardollars a day by confirming your email and voting someone covergirl, voting a scenery, voting the best stardesign and the catwalk. If you win a competition on Stardoll, you may also win Stardollars. Thankyou :), Anita.

Well,you cant use cheats to become rich on stardoll. But if you start a new account,and at the start u will earn about 40 stardollars,then when you comfirm your email address you can get 1 stardollar each day! But it will take a long time to become very rich. and if ur a superstar u can go make designs and then u can sell them for stardollars!!!

Type your email address again, check or verify your email address or your email in your inbox.

Go to your email address, they will have sent you an email. Click the link to confirm. Make sure the email is from

If you are filling in a form and it says "confirm email" it means you have to type/write it again. There will usually be two boxes for this. One for your email and a second that says "confirm email" where you should put the same email address. It could also refer to confirming that you have used your own email address. To confirm this, you would be sent an email to the address you provided which will most likely contain a link for you to click to confirm you have access to this email account.

Hey, all you have to do, send your username and password to And if you don't trust me, I will do a spare account first. In 2 days you will have 40 extra stardollars! But you have to be an ss, to do it. And also, to become a stardoll worker, send a ss code to the same email address!

Sign into your email and you find a message from stardoll with Confirm Email in the subject line. Open the message and click the confirm e-mail linkIf you didn't get a confirmation letter go to your "My account" (its under you medoll) then you click on the tab called "Account settings" and where it says email you click "send me another one" then your doneyou sign into your email and you will get a letter from stardoll called "Confirm email" you click on it and when you do you click on the first link then your done!If you didnt get a confirmation letter go to your "My account" (its under you medoll) then you click on the tab called "Account settings" and where it says email you click "send me another one" then your donep.s I have a stardoll account to its lovechild13

Usually when you are asked to confirm your password, it means to type it in again in the next field (box).They asked me to copy and paste a address into my browser and I was not able to.To confirm your email address on Facebook, you must log in to your email and find the email sent to you from Facebook. Click on the email and click on the link that will take you back to Facebook, ultimately confirming your email address.

I believe they send you an email with a link

Click on the link sent in the email.

there is make LOADS of email accounts and then click on the invite friends button and every friend you invite you will get 5 stardollars !

you have to sign up for it on your phone.

It appears they want you to confirm your email address in case they wish to contact you by email.

email and tell your stardoll account info and how much you want you will have to wait a day or to so dont get greedy lol

when you sign up you have to give them your email address. once you give that to them and submit the account information you will get a confirmation email. the email has a link that will confirm your account.

No you cannot change your email without logging in on stardoll you have to log on to ur account and click on my page then you see my account then click on settings and scroll down till you see change email and write the email you want to put for ur stardoll account and then confirm it by going on to ur email hehe i hope i helped for more information ask me on stardoll i am teddy-bear411

i cant confirm my email address on Pokemon indigo what should i do?

Check the email address you gave to them and click on the confirmation link.

keep your email id logged in from the same browser

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