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Q: Do you need to do anything other than pull the cruise control fuse to disable CC?
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94 Toyota Tercel 4 cylinder manual transmission Is the cruise control fused and if so where is it located and how is it marked Are there other things to check for on a non-functioning cruise control?

well i have just recently purchaced one. It donesnt have cruise control

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1987?

one end is going to be of course besind the spedo gauge in your cluster and the other end will be ithe in you transaxle orif you have cruise control it will be at the cruise control transducer.

Where is the cruise control module on a 93 Lincoln MK 8?

Under the hood you will see 2 cables comming from the throttle body. one is the foot pedal the other leads to the cruise control module. That is it! The cruise control unit is located inside the left front fender. You have to remove the wheel and wheel well liner to access it.

What would cause cruise control to stop working for 1995 ford explorer?

a loose wire will cause that. also lots of other reasons but ford is known for cruise control failures in that year on all models

Does 2002 Mitsubishi Galant have cruise control?

Yes. I have a 2002 Galant ES. I am not sure about the other models.

What fuse work the cruise control?

Depending on the age and model of the vehicle you have, the fuse which is associated with Cruise Control will either specifically say 'Cruise Control.' Other associations, such as with Ford, Chevrolet, and General Motors, the fuse box may say: "Ancillary" "Accessories" "Drive" finally, if the Cruise Control has been added after leaving the assembly plant, the Cruise Control power source may be connected to "Clock" "Display" and even "Radio." European makes may require direct reference to the vehicle manual for specific numerals.

Can you bring food on board a cruise ship?

Didn't you know cruise ships are famous for their buffets? Unless you have special dietary requirements, why would you bring anything other than personal items?

Why would fwd not engage on a 1988 Blazer?

check vaccuum lines on cruise control and other things that use vac

Where is my horn relay located on my 1990 ford f150 pickup?

Hope this will help! 1989 F-150 4 wheel drive, with cruise control, 4.9 six cylinder. Can't find the horn relay. All my other sources say mounted to the cruise control amplifier bracket. Not there on this truck.

What cruise vacation does Seaborne offer?

Seabourn is a luxury cruise line that is more expensive than many other cruise lines. With the higher cost comes a more luxurious and unique cruise vacation; different from any other cruise line in the industry.

Is disable UAC performed from the control panel?

That is one place you can amidst many a warning, some of which should be heeded. It not only gives control of some areas, but also opens vulnerabilities to other system resources.

On the throttle control under the hood there are two cables connected one is loose Is this normal?

What kind of vehicle? One goes to gas pedal to other could go to the transmission, cruise control, or traction control. Yes its probably OK

What Are 10 Examples of a control system?

A control system is a device that commands, regulates, directs, or manages the behavior of other systems or devices. Cruise control. emission control, traction control, vehicle stability control, brake system, engine cooling, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspension, and the transmission are control systems in a vehicle.

How to fix a 1996 Ford Taurus that has no cruise control and no heat-can a failure in one cause the other?

Check fuses. They both could have the same fuse.

Does a 1998 Mercury Tracer have a adjustable steering wheel?

Available option Was linked to cruise control option-usually if it had one it had the other

Why doesn't 1994 Ford Aerostar cruise control work?

I read where if a brake light is out it wont work, other than that I really dont know.

Where are 5 day cruise packages that are inexpensive?

The Jamica Cruise is a good cheap cruise package. You have the Mexico Cruise, Puerto Rico Cruise, Bahama's Curise and there are many other cruises that are inexpensive as well.

What cruise lines have cruises that leave out of Miami?

The cruise lines that leave out of Miami are as follows: Disney Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines. Other cruise lines that are offering to depart from Miami are Azmara Cruise Line and Norwerigan Cruise Lines

Is carnival cruise line a good cruise line?

If you enjoy other peoples' children.

What is the best cruise line for going to Bermuda?

The Carnival Cruise line is a great cruise line for going to Bermuda. There are also other cruise lines that go to Bermuda such as Royal Carribbean and it depends on the ammenities needed for the cruise.

Where can the cheapest cruise deals be found?

Prices of cruises vary depending on a persons choice of cruise, destination of the cruise, and the activities that are included on the cruise. If a person is looking for the cheapest price of a cruise then they can call the cruise company or do other comparison shopping to ensure the best price.

What companies offer sales on last minute cruise packages?

Several companies offer sales on last minute cruise packages including Family Cruise, Discount Cruise and Sell of Cruise. Other last minute cruise package providers are Travelocity and Expedia.

What other places can you see on a cruise around Mexico?

The other places that will tie into the cruise of Mexico include, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas. These places will also be part of the Mexico Cruise

What cruise lines does Cruise Direct offer cruises on?

Cruise Direct offers cruises from over a dozen cruise lines including Carnival, Princess Cruises, Norwegian, Azamara, Viking, Costa, Disney Cruise Line and others. In other words, Cruise Direct can book a cruise from everyone from Royal Caribbean to Windstar Cruise Lines.

How do you disable the turrets in j6 ship in aqw?

get some other nice player to disable them at the maen deck then you gata be fast!