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Talk with your doctor about this. Sometimes any doctor will answer a general question like this.

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Q: Do you need to get a Rubella shot prior to trying to get pregnant if you had one 12 years ago?
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What are some of rubella virus fatalities?

In the past, rubella caught by a pregnant woman was dangerous, and usually fatal, for a fetus. One actress, Gene Tierney, lost a baby to the virus many years ago. There was a vacine given for rubella for many years to help prevent this.

How do you get pregnant after trying for the past 14 years?


Can being on birth control for two years prior to trying to have a baby make conception more difficult?

I was taking birth control for 4 years, and I went off of it in September and was pregnant by February.

When was a rubella vaccine introduced?

vaccine against rubella became available in 1969. In the 20 years following the introduction of the vaccine, reported rubella cases dropped 99.6%.

You have been trying to fall pregnant for 3 years?

Go see a doctor.

Should you worry that you haven't become pregnant after trying for 2 years?

No, because you have to be fertile!

I been with my boyfriend for 4 years and im still not pregnant i been trying to get pregnant but its not working.?

get him and yourself checked out to see why there is such difficulties

How to become pregnant After you've tried for 3 years?

You can always try speaking with a fertility doctor if you have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully.

You are 16 years old and your boyfriend and you have been trying to have a baby but you haven no been able to get pregnant What is the best time to get pregnant Any advice would be appreciated?

The best time to get pregnant is in 5 to 10 years.

Can horses get pregnant if they are 23 years old?

Yes... but I don't suggest it. because if your mare is 23 years old its like trying to get a 68 year old woman pregnant.

32 years old been trying to get pregnant for 8 years on birth control for the last 3 months what are your chances of getting pregnant?

Birth control decreases, not increases, the risk of pregnancy.

You are 18 weeks pregnant and your rubella IgG test sHow is positive and Rubella IgM sHow is negative Please advise if its dangerous to your baby?

According to a Yahoo! Health article ( rubella blood test detects antibodies that are made by the immune system to help kill the rubella virus. These antibodies remain in the bloodstream for years. The presence of certain antibodies indicates a recent infection, a past infection, or that you have been vaccinated against the disease.The presence of IgM antibodies means you have a current or recent rubella infection.The presence of IgG antibodies means you have immunity against the infection. This immunity could have been received either through vaccination for rubella or a past rubella infection.As long as the IgM test is negative, both you and your baby are in the clear!

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