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Not always, but an agent will be so much more effective. If you live in an area where not a lot of movies are filmed, an agent is vital. If you live where many movies are filmed, go to as many open casting calls as you possibly can.

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Q: Do you need to have an agent to land a role in films and movies?
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Are their any movies that need an eleven year old actress?

I'm sure there are, but to find them you will need an agent.

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The best way to determine what films might be casting 10 year old girls is to have an agent. Films are constantly in development and sometimes cast "in house" you should keep your eyes out for open casting calls describing the role for a motion picture.

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I want to land an Audition or an open call but every time I Google it up I only get links to talent agencies. How can I land an Audition without having to go through an Agency?

It is very rare that you will find any auditions for tv/film on google (besides reality ones). If you don't want to get an agent I recommend auditioning for student films. If your wanting to audition because you love acting then it is very critical that you get an agent. For landing roles all you need is talent and the right look.

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Are there any auditions for films in the UK for children?

well might need a agent first i mean i am 13 myself and want to be in the acting and commercial industry very bad but i suppose u need a agent they do everything to help. well like it says in answer 1, you need an agent. agent's aren't always necessary but i you want to be in a commercial they are, the harry potter movie number 7 will probably need children cast for some of it so why not wait till then? DON'T LISTEN TO THEM, ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMMMMMSSSS oh and you kinda need some talent

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For a movie? If so you need an agent and you just can't go audition. They only take the top 100 at the most that send in resumes to audition live for movies.

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you do not need a agent