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There are two kinds of abuse ... mental/physical. Mental is when he calls you names, tells you that you are a lousy wife and mother, he doesn't like the meals you've cooked, belittles you in front of family and friends, etc. If in those 3 isolated times he's hit you hard, thrown you across the floor, broken bones, left you bleeding with a split lip, or bruises on your body, this is physical abuse. All of us know that during these modern times we are all under extreme stress and we certainly can loose it once in awhile. None of us are perfect. However, there are ways to relieve stress. If he's stressed out and feels he has to release his anger he can walk out of that house and go for a jog or walk down the block, take up boxing, go outside and kick the hell out of something (other than you) or even go to a bar with his friends. There is NEVER any excuse for a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man (short of rape re man/woman.) You could sit down with your husband and communicate with him. Find out why he feels like he does. Losing it 3 times years apart is a long while, but if he's hit you, then it's not a good thing. As he grows older he could get worse. If you are afraid to communicate with him about this subject then he has instilled a great deal of fear in you and this is not a good sign. If it didn't bother you, you would have posted on this board. Abuse is abuse! You need to put your foot down with your husband and tell him he needs help with his abusive issues. If you don't you'll live like you are waiting for a time bomb to go off. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Do you need to leave if your husband is a really good father and there were only 3 isolated abuse incidents years apart and the children have never seen it happen?
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