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Q: Do you need to make your sister a Cafe World?
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In the game Cafe World do you get Cafe Points if you expand your cafe?

AnswerNo, when you expand your cafe, you need to give out Cafe Coins, or Cafe Cash to buy the expansion, and you do not receive Cafe Points in return.

What level do you need to get another stove in Cafe World?


Where online can you play cafe world games like Facebook?

you can also play on cafe world dot com but its need facebook account.

You want to built a cyber cafe but you need to make a proposal to get a bank loan can you give you proposal?

how to start a Cafe?

How do you get cash on cafe world?

You really NEED to get all the Cafe World Cheats, Hacks, and Strategies at: Learn to get points and coins overnight, gain 20 levels in 3 days, double your Cafe Coins every 8 hours, and much more!

How do you get more cafe cash on cafe world on facebook with out buying them?

you need to level up as often as possible. 1 cash every other level up. check on fan page of cafe world, sometimes they do give cafe cash. play also the free lotto.

Can you have more than one chef in Cafe World?

Yes, you can, but you need to get to a high level.

How can you unlock Cafe World?

You don't need to unlock it, you simply find the game and start playing.

How do you spice your own dishes in cafe world?

You need to have a spice self already built in your cafe and then you can either buy spices or earn from spices others or getting them in a gift.

How do you serve orange juice in Cafe World?

You need to unlock and complete the bar and then you can serve orange juice.

What qualifications do you need to work in a cafe?

You don't need many qualifications to work in a cafe, you need to be good at catering and work hard to reach high standards!

How can you make your sister feel better?

i made my sister feel better by buying what she or doing what she likes to do we had lots of fun you also need to love your sister

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