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Do you need to notify state of California that you have moved to another state?


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Not unless you are on probation, or have some other legal reason to report to them.

You may receive a California 'Notice of Delinquent Registration' after the registration expires. You can complete a 'Notice of Release of Liability' or the 'Out of State Vehicle Registration' form-- which is on the back of the notice they send you.

Make a copy of the completed form for your records before sending it to CA DMV.

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One way to lose California residency is to establish residency in another state. You can also lose residency by maintaining a residence in another nation.

No, you do not have to pay California late registration fees on your vehicle before you can register it in another state

AnswerYes but there are situation of when you need to notify your insurance carrier. IE: If that vehicle is permanently garaged in the other state. For Example if you are visiting or working in another state for an extended amount of time your fine. If you or a kid is at college in another state they are fine.

She was born in Forks, Washington and moved to California when she was three months old.

You will be considered a resident of the state of California as long as you live in the state. If you sell your home and move to another in the state, you will still be a resident.

Yes. Notify your state's office so you can get instructions on compliance with their laws on moving.

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