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Do you need to pay an sports agent?

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No, you do not need a sports agent. They just get you more money if you aren't good at negotiations. Daunte Culpepper is a player with out a agent. He just landed a deal in Oakland for an undisclosed (at this time) amount of money. So the answer is no.

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How do i get a Sports agent license?

You need to pay a fee and pass a test.

Do you need a scholarship to play college sports?

No you do not need a scholarship to play college sports. You need a scholarship to pay tuition.

Do you have to have sky to have setanta sports?

no but you need to pay monthly for that channel

How much does a sport agent make in a year?

It would depend on the agents clients the agent only gets a percentage of what they make ... it's customary to pay a sports agent 5-15% of the players contract...

What do you need to major in to become a sports agent?

you should major in sports management and then go to law school. you dnt need a sports management degree and u dnt need a law degree..basically anythin in business is fine

When will wagering on sports be available?

Sports betting is available now and has been for years. You need to find who your local betting agent or bookie is.

What are the physical demands for a sports agent?

You need to understand the complexities of the sports industry and have insider tips. Also, you need to be fit in order to teach others how to become fit as well!

How do you get a job as a sports agent?

you go online and then type in, How do I become a sports agent? and then click on the first thingy that says, "Sports Agent Course - Become A Sports Agent and then find your way from there. Have a great day!P.S.(Use, not anything else) ( is awesome!) :)

Does your agent open your contract in sports?

when you start your carrer in the nfl your agent either sings you up for the draft or when your orignal contract expires your agent looks at different offers and chooses the one with the highest pay or best benefits for you

What education or training do you need to become a sports agent?

There is no formal education that's required. You will need to have a lot of nerve and tenacity to get any people to represent, then to get them lucrative contracts, from sports teams.

What websites talk about how to become a sports agent?

The following websites (separated by a comma) offer information on how to become a sports agent:,,

How is math applied with being a sports agent?

A sports agent applies math when determining how much a sorts player will be paid. A sports agent also applies math to figure out his percentage of payment.

How do you put on a agent suit in club penguin?

First you need to buy all the parts, but you got to be a member*, then go to your items and click on agent things. *To be a member, you need to pay for it.

What kind of college degree do you need to become a sports agent?

I think, you need to take up Bacherlor courses in Education major in Physical Education. It's only my opinion. Try to ask your friends or your parents. Do you want to become a sports agent in the future? Good luck.

How many hours a week does a sports agent work?

the same as the other sports agent.They are always on the clock for there clients.

What is the description of the job for a sports agent?

A sports agent is a person who procures and negotiates employment and endorsement deals for a player

When was Roger Montgomery - sports agent - born?

Roger Montgomery - sports agent - was born in 1971.

When was Marc Roberts - sports agent - born?

Marc Roberts - sports agent - was born in 1959.

Advantages of being a sports agent?

One advantage of being a sport agent is that you get to meet famous athletes. Another advantage of being a sports agent is the travel and the money.

What are the advantages of being a sports agent?

A sports agent provides services to an athlete, performing functions legally authorized, with the agent engaging in business transactions on the athlete's behalf.

What major in Sims 3 university do you have to be to be a sports agent?

none of them, but you need to be level 10 in the Jock social group.

Is there an amount of players you can have as a sports agent?

No, there is no amount of players you can have as a sports agent. The more you have, the harder it is to keep up with all their affairs. Usually, most sports agents have 1 to 3 sports players they are representing.

Club penguin how do you be a secret agent?

Need help in becoming a secret agent? First click the MAP and go to the Ski Village Go to the Everyday Phoning Facilty (where the Ski And Sports shop once was)and you will be given a test. After the test you become an agent! Need help in finding the Ski and Sports Catalouge? go to the stadium and you will see a purple catalog on the downright corner.

What should you do if you want to act but cannot afford an agent?

You don't pay an agent anything. He takes a percentage of what you earn. I REPEAT DO NOT PAY AN AGENT!!!!

How to become a sports agent without a background or degree in sports management?

In order to become a sports agent without a degree in sports managment you would have to have some sort of in with a company. Most companies require a degree.