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AnswerThere is no need to remove the antenna when going though car washes, it will flex back and forth but will be fine. Better AnswerI would have to disagree since mine broke off in a car wash and I am searching trying to find out how and what needs to be removed to install the new bolt that holds the antenna Best AnswerIt depends on the car and the car wash. With an automatic (non-touchless) car wash and a long inflexible antenna, you should remove it. When in doubt, remove it, Google the specific car, or ask the car wash operator.
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Q: Do you need to remove antenna when go through car wash?
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you do NOT need to remove antena for carwash.

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Why did my Passat antenna moisture short radio out?

If the antenna cover is cracked moisture might seep in going through a laser car wash, and if the radio is on at the time it might create a temporary fuse shut down. Just open the fuse box and reset the fuse and the radio will come back on. Suggestion: turn off radio while in the car wash. Be sure to seal up the cracks on the antenna with a tube of silicone. I might never happen again.

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There are two panels in the trunk that must be removed to gain access to the power antenna. The first is on the driver's side. It covers the rear taillight electrical plugs. After this one is removed, the large panel on the driver's side of the trunk needs to be removed. This is a bit of a wrestling match, and you will have to bend/manipulate the shape of this panel a bit when removing it, but it does come out. With these removed, you can see where the antenna and motor is mounted to a small bracket, including the two connections to it- 1) Antenna cable, 2) Power lead for antenna motor. Once this bracket is removed, there is an additional nut which secures the antenna to the actual body of the car. Remove this nut, and you should now be able to slide the antenna out. When I replace them, I generally push the antenna assembly up, and lift it out of the rear fender while standing outside, instead of trying to remove it from within the trunk. You can save a considerable amount of money by replacing this antenna with a manually adjustable antenna from a place like NAPA, PEP Boys, etc. The motorized antennas on these Accords were notorious for giving trouble. If you decide to go with a manual antenna, remember to put it down when you go through an automatic car wash!!

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