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Do you need to separate my pregnant rabbit from the male?


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yes you need to separate them other wise after the female has had her babys she will be able to breed straight after shes had them

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When a female rabbit is pregnant she should not be with the male at all... they need to be separated.

Depends on who this "you" are. Female rabbits need access to intact male rabbits to get pregnant.

Take the male away, not the female. The female should build a nest without the male! Right after they have mated, separate them immediately. YOU TAKE THE DOE TO THE BUCKS CAGE. You should remove the doe from the bucks cage immediately after you witness mating take place.

No, a girl rabbit need to have sex with a boy rabbit in order to get pregnant.

The father rabbit will kill the babies if you don't separate them.

It All Depends if the mating has sucseeded. You may need to take your rabbit to the vet to check this out as you can never know for sure. When i had a rabbit we never found out she was pregnant until the week before as she started to act quite strange so we took her to the vet to find out she was pregnant.

Yes, all you will need is male rabbit

A male does not always need a mate Male rabbits, like other animals, are triggered by the female scent. If a male rabbit never smells a female rabbit, he will never know he is missing anything. If a male rabbit smells a female rabbit, he will always need to be with her. It is his job to make a lot of baby rabbits. If you don't intend to breed the male rabbit, it is best to have him neutered. He will be a happier rabbit and more docile. He will also only think about you and his food.

Male has no ovaries to get pregnant only sperms in his testies to get pregnant u need eggs in womb which is absent in male

she can become pregnant at five months i think.

Have your does been with a male rabbit in the last 30 days?? No? Then you have a male and a female rabbit not 2 females. Every rabbit should have it's own cage even if you think you have 2 females they should still have separate cages. Rabbits are very territorial, they need their own space.

You should separate them before she has the babies because almost right after she gives birth she can become pregnant again and you will have bunny explosion!!! Separate them!! The world does not need more bunnies!!!!! :) hope that helps.

no need. they will separate themselves

You should neuter your male rabbit when he is six months old. That is when all rabbit ate sexually mature.

Yes you need A Male and a Female, a Bed, Clothes are not required during this If You are female and you need one male to get you pregnant that makes 2

Yes, babys and mama should be separate from daddy bun until mama bunny is done nursing by 12 weeks. You can have mama bunny spayed at that time as well.

Yes, you must have a male and female.

I believe you do need to separate the pregnant fish from the other fish.

Pretty much so. At least you need the semen from a male.

If your rabbit has had a large litter of babies and is taking good care of them there is nothing to worry about. Having a large litter will not harm a healthy mother rabbit, just make sure she has plenty of good quality food, lots of hay and water to keep her fit and well to feed the babies. If you mean she has had many litters of babies over a few years then it is time to have her spayed. If she is living with a male rabbit who is unfixed you need to separate them before she becomes pregnant again.

Have unprotected sexual intercourse with a fertile male !

Keep them in separate cages. If the female is pregnant, she will need a quiet place, with her cage some distance away from the male. Yes male and females can fight i have a male and female, THEY ARE DEFFINATLY MALE AND FEMALE and they fight they don't like each other at all its just what happens unfortunatly..

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