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Do you need to shut off hot water heater when replacing copper pipes in a bathroom?


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Yes you need to shut off the Main water valve. Usually found in the basement or outside the house near the meter. Also you need to shut off the Gas valve located at the water heater, or the Breaker located in the breaker box/ fuse panel. Sometimes the water heater will have its own Switch box, located on the power wire

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no need to change the copper tube if the capacity of the unit is same.

Water heaters should be turned off, with the gas or electric to them turned off as well, when replacing any hot water lines. This would also be a good time to drain the tank and remove any built up water scale. This makes your heater more efficient.

You may have an air lock in the heater pipes some vehicles are fitted with bleed screws for this purpose.

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Electrolysis in plumbing affects the copper pipes used. If electrical wiring is installed too closely to copper water pipes, the electrical current running through the wiring charges to copper piping combined with the water and its properties causes electrolysis in the copper water pipes thereby weakening them.

Copper pipes are very durable and most advised.

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