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Do you need to tag up for a foul ball?

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Can you tag up and run on a foul ball?

yes u can tag on a foul ball if it is caught in foul territory

Does a baserunner have to tag up after a foul ball?

No, it is optionalaction. The base runner can tag up anytime a fly ball is hit out of the infield. They can't tag up on a fly ball hit in the infield. They also can tag up on a foul ball hit anywhere on the field but they don't have to.

Do you have to tag up after a foul ball even if it not caught?

If a foul ball is not caught in the air, the ball is dead, so there would be no tag up opportunity. If it is caught in the air, the runners can tag up and advance at their own risk.

If a fielder catches a foul ball can the runners tag up?

Yes. Runners may tag up and attempt to advance on any fly ball, fair or foul.

In softball can you run on a foul?

Yes you can tag up and advance on a caught foul ball.

Can you steal a base on a foul ball?

An uncaught foul ball is dead. If a foul ball is caught, runners can steal, but have the same tag up responsibilities as a fair caught ball.

Is it a sacrifice fly if it is a foul ball and the foul ball is caught?

No. But it is an RBI if a runner scores on the play.But if he doesn't tag up he's out if they throw it to the base he was at.

In baseball and you're on base and a foul ball is caught can you tag up?

Yes, you may tag up and advance at your own risk.

Can you tag up if the ball is caught at the pitchers mound on a pop up?

You can tag up on any popup or flyball no matter where it is caught, even if it is caught in foul territory. Now it might not be the smartest thing to tag up on a ball popped up to the pitcher though, but you can do it if you want

Do you have to tag up on a foul tip?


Does runner need to tag up if a ball is caught after a rebound from another player?

Runners may tag up and advance after the first fielder touches the ball.

Runner on 3rd. Batter hits fly ball foul and it is caught.Can they tag the player on 3rd if she is off the base?

Yes. A foul fly ball is no different than a fair fly ball. The runner at third can tag up and try for home after the catch and the defense can try to throw the runner out at third if she is not paying attention.

In major league baseball can a runner tag up and take the next base on a foul ball that is legally caught?

Yes. A runner may tagup and attempt to advance after any fly ball is caught, regardless of whether it is fair or foul.

When can a runner advance after a fly ball has been caught?

Any fly ball, fair or foul, is a live ball when it is caught therefore any runners may tag up and advance at their own risk.

There is 1 out with a man on third 2 strikes on the batter The batter attempts a bunt that goes foul behind first base no one catches it the batter is out Can the runner from 3rd base advance?

NO. A runner cannot advance on a foul ball that is not "played" (i.e. if a foul fly ball is CAUGHT, the runner may tag up). A foul bunt on a 2 strike count is a dead ball out.

When a foul ball is hit does a base runner occupying second base have to return and touch that base?

The base runner can not advance on a foul ball, he must return to the base he was at before the foul ball was hit. A base runner may advance on a caught foul ball, but must tag up and advance only after the ball is touched by a defensive player. To answer your original question, yes, all base runners must return to the base they occupied prior to the foul, and must touch that base before play is continued.

What is a foul tip in basball?

A foul tip is when the batter hits the ball with a small piece of the bat and the ball lands foul. A pop up to the catcher is not a foul tip.

Can you advance on a caught foul ball?

Yes, once the foul ball is caught the runners can advance by tagging up

Why do sportscasters distinguish between a fly ball caught in foul and fair territory. Don't the same tag-up rules apply and if not whats the difference?

The same tag up rules apply. My guess is that the announcer is simply giving as much detail as possible about the fly ball.

Can a catcher use his mask to pick up a foul ball?

No, the catcher can not pick up the foul ball with his mask. If so, a base is rewarded to the batter.

Can someone tag up on a ball caught in fowl territory?

yes he can tag up

Is a ball considered fair or foul if it pops up lands foul and then rolls into fair territory?

If the ball lands foul past first or third base the ball is foul regardless of where it rolls. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls fair before first/third base, the ball is fair. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls foul past first/third base, the ball is foul. If the ball is touched while it is in foul territory before reaching first or third base it is considered foul and vise versa if it is touched in fair territory. Otherwise whether it is fair or foul is determined by where the ball stops. ** if the ball hits any part of 1st or 3rd base it is a fair ball

Can a runner advance on a dropped pop up in foul territory?

No. On any foul ball that is not caught, the ball is dead and runners may not advance.

What is a foul ball in baseball?

When a batter hits a ball but it goes outside the white lines (these line up with 3rd and 1st base)it is called a "foul ball" and it counts as a strike. However if the batter already has 2 strikes it does not count as anything because you can not "strike out" on a foul ball. You cannot have a foul ball on a bunt attempt if you have two strikes, however, as that is considered an out.

Umpire calls a ball batted into dirt at home afoul ball ball spins back into fair play without being touched fair or foul?

The ball is foul. Once a ball hits the dirt in foul territory before it gets past first or third base, it is a foul ball. It does not matter what happens after that. If a ball hits fair, foul, fair, it is foul. If it bounces foul and then into fair territory, it is foul. If the ball hits fair passed first or third and then bounces foul, it is fair. Those are the rules. You have to hit it past the batter's box. You have to hit it in the lines. It has to stay in the lines. If you lay a bunt down the third base line and it goes foul, it is a foul.It is NOT a foul ball once it hits dirt in foul territory before getting past 1st or 3rd. It is determined fair or foul by where the ball is when touched by a fielder or ends up when the ball has stopped. The ball can roll fair then foul the fair then foul then fair and if the ball comes to a rest or is touched by a fielder in fair play then it is fair. With the umpire calling it foul when it hit the dirt he has made a wrong call, as the ball has not been touched or has not come to rest in foul territory. however with him calling it too soon I think it would be a dead ball and remain with the wrong call of foul.No matter what it should be, whatever the umpire calls it, it is. The umpire is always right even when he is wrong he is right!