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yes you do need vactionatins for Dominican Republic

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โˆ™ 2008-05-05 00:49:24
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Q: Do you need vacinations for dominican republic?
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Does ugandan passport need a visa to Dominican Republic?

A Ugandan does not need a passport to enter the Dominican Republic.

Do you need a passport to travel from Montreal to the Dominican Republic?

Yes. To enter the Dominican Republic you will need your passport. period.

Do you need a biometric passport to visit the Dominican Republic?

Yes, you need a biometric passport for entering to Dominican Republic.

What can you do in Dominican Republic?

Well, In Dominican Republic you can do a lot of stuff ; you can get your Driving lessens when you are 14 years old but, in Dominican Republic you reallydont need your driving lessens. you can just buy your car and enjoy it. Polices are actually unusual in Dominican republic. Something else you can do is ; Enjoy! :)

Do you need a driver's license in the Dominican Republic?


Can you use a drivers license to enter the Dominican Republic?

No, you need a valid passport to enter to Dominican Republic, And depending of your nationallity you may need a visa before entering.

Do you need a passport and visa to enter the Dominican Republic?

That dependends of you nationality. If you have any US visa Or Schengen ,so you don't need a visa for going to the Dominican Republic.

Do Canadian need a passport to Dominican Republic?

some people told me that we do not nide a passport do go to the dominican republic because its a own place

Who established the dominican republic?

who established the dominican republic

Where was the Dominican Republic flag made?

in the dominican republic

Does the Dominican Republic have deserts?

There are no deserts in the Dominican Republic.

Can you travel to the dominican republic without a passport if your from the us?

No, you need a passport to get to the Dominican from the United States.

What is the form of government in the dominican republic?

The Dominican Republic is a unitary presidential republic.

If i got married in NJ can i get a divorce in the dominican republic?

You will be able to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic no matter where you were married. You will need an attorney to file the paperwork on your behalf.

Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Dominican Republic?

Yes you need a passport

Do you need a passport to travel from the Dominican Republic to Mexico?

Yes you do

Italian passport do you need a visa for dominican republic?

nop :)

Do you need a passport if you are from Dominican Republic and flying in the US?


What bodies of water are around the Dominican Republic?

dominican republic?

Does the Dominican Republic have states or provinces?

Dominican Republic has provinces.

Does it rain in the Dominican Republic?

Yes it did rain in the Dominican Republic.

Which is closer to the equator Dominican Republic or Honduras?

The Dominican Republic.

Who owns the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is an independent nation.

Who is the nation for Dominican republic?

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign country.

Why is the Dominican Republic is not developed?

Dominican Republic is a developing country.