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The Simple Answer is YES .

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You don't need a license to buy a car, but you need a license to drive a car on a public highway.

No, they do not need a drivers license to drive a NASCAR race car.

yes you need a separate license to drive a lorry. if you passed your license in 1997 or before you can drive up to 7.5tonne lorry on normal car license in UK

Yes, a license to drive a car in New York IS required.

In the United States it is not required that you have a drivers license of any type to purchase and own a car. You do need a license though to drive the car.

no!!! u need a motorcycle license

To operate a car what type of license do I need

You do not need a drivers license to register a car in the state of Missouri. A drivers license is only required if you intend to drive the car.

No,But to drive car you need a license where you got license when you are eligible for it like above 18 year old for license and 10th pass etc.

No, you only need a driving license to drive it.

if your gonna drive the tow truck yah you need a license

yes you do or how are you ment to drive the car

Depending on what state you are in, you don't need a drivers license to purchase a car. You only need a drivers license to drive it. If you do have a car titled in your name, you will still need to insure it, whether or not you drive it.

No. To ride a motorcycle you need an M-Class license. To drive a car you need a drivers license.

To drive in America, you need a drivers license and a car.Also need car insurance. It is illegal in most states not to have insurance.

A driver's license is not required to purchase a car in the state of Texas. A license is required in order to drive the car.

no you do not you need to go to the fire station a

you can drive if you dont have a license plate on your have to get one of those temporary plates.

Yes, you will need insurance to drive with a CDL license.

Have a Sprint car, and qualify for a license with that league.

Depends on WHERE you want to drive. In most places, you have to have (or be training for a) license to drive on public roads. But it's usually OK to drive on private property without a license.

You do not need a drivers license unless you want to drive a car on public roads. In that case you need a license because all states have laws that require you to have a license. That license proves you have taken a drivers test and are qualified to drive.