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Absolutely! Thier, or anyones, filing of BK only MAY effect how/when of if they have to handle debts THEY doesn't change your legal obligations to them...except maybe in that the Federal court and creditors will act quickly and forcefully to collect any debt (to secure any asset) that the company may have to assure it is vailable to pay the debts of the company.

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How do you find out if you owe money to a gas company?

how can i find out how much money i owe the gas company?

Has delightful deliveries NY filed for bankruptcy?

I would like to know the answer to that as well They owe our company lot of money, and we cannot locate them. I understand has filed a suit against them.

Can a hospital or any medical provider refuse to see you if you owe them money and have filed bankruptcy?


If you owe your former boss money can he take it out of your profit sharing?

If you owe it to him personally, then no. If you owe it actually to the company, then yes.

If you owe money on your car will it be taken if you file chapter 7?

No, you can reaffirm it and continue to pay your obligation.

The company filed for bankruptcy do you still owe the judgement?

Yes. The trustee in bankruptcy will take over collection of the company's accounts receivable. These are assets of the bankrupt estate that must be managed. Even if the bankruptcy is a complete liquidation (Chapter 7) the assets have got to be collected and paid to the individual creditors of the company.

Do you owe any company any money for playing these free games?

no you dont

Can you stop making your monthly payments to a company that has filed chapter 11?

No...their filing protects & effects THEM - and those THEY owe, not those that owe them. In fact the court along with the creditors of the company is now involved with aming sure all assets owed the company are collected and used to pay it's obligations.....hence where as before you only had the Cos collections to deal with, now you have many parties interested in making sure you pay. And - consider if your thought was at all true - if you filed BK then your employer, or bank, or investment/IRA accounts, etc don't have to pay you.

If I owe money to a company that is filing bankruptcy and the company is going out of businesswill I still owe the debt?

Yes you will. The company's accounts receivable (that's you) will be collected to pay their outstanding debts.

Can a company you worked for send you to collections for money they think you owe without contacting you first?

No they can not send you collection for the money they think you owe them , they must send you a notice or a letter first.

What is accounts receivable in medical field?

Its the money a company collects from people who owe them money. They recieve the payment and verify it.

Should you wait to file chapter 13 after tax refund?

Either way they will want a tax return filed before filing for chapter 13. If you are expecting a refund then they will seize it if it is after so to keep the money file first and wait for the return, it will be considered as part of your income. If you owe it is better to know the amount before filing.

Does insurance company owe money to family members in 2010 if policy holder purchased policy in 1953?

If the policy was still in force and the insured has died, then yes, the insurance company would owe the death benefit. If the policy was cancelled or surrendered, the company would not owe anything.

If a collection agency goes bankrupt how does someone find out who owns the debt?

Even if the collection company goes bankrupt, you still owe the bank whatever money you borrowed from them. The bank hires the collection company to get that money, so you still owe them

Can your previous car insurance company refuse to give you proof of your no claims bonus because you owe them money?

If you owe them money they don't have to give you anything until you complete your end of the deal

What is accounts payable balance sheet?

Accounts payable on the balance sheet is the amount of money the company owes its vendors from invoices the company has received from them (and assuming the company agrees they owe the money)

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filed october 2008 will owe 2500.00 for 2008 in federal tax can this be added? least the amount relative to income made PRIOR to the filing.

I have filed chapter 13 July 2007 now I owe both federal and state taxes but cannot not pay in full how do I arrange to pay the tax debt?

Discuss this with your trustee.

What are creditors define as?

Creditors - are people you owe money to... whether that's a credit card company, a utility company or your friends !

This people filled for chapter 7 but owe you lots of money?

They are declaring themselves bankrupt - which means they do not have enough money to pay what they owe. You are one of their creditors and should tell the court that you are and what you are owed. Sad to say, it is unlikely that you will get paid anything!

What is a creditor?

Creditor is a person from which we purchased goods on credit. It is the liability of company and creditors are shown in liability side of balance sheet.A creditor is a person who is owed money, but not necessarily one who lends money. If you go into your local diner, order a meal and eat it, but then don't pay, the situation becomes clear; the owner is not a money lender, but he is your creditor.If you owe money, then your creditors are all the people you owe. Your debtors are all those that owe money to you.Someone you owe money to

Is Accounts receivable is the opposite of accounts payable?

Accounts Receivable = money owed to YOU by another person or companyAccounts Payable = Money YOU OWE to another person or company

Do you still owe your debt if the credit card company went bankrupt?

Yes. Unpaid accounts with a company that has filed for bankruptcy are still collectible. Outstanding accounts become part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

If I am a beneficiary on a life insurance policy and owe back taxes or have filed bankruptcy will the insurance company hold the check?

No, they will pay the claim to you and then you will be able to do what is fiscally responsible.

I had traffic tickets from 7 yrs ago that were sent to collections C O of the court I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy those debts were discharged under the bankruptcy do I still owe the debts?

If tickets were discharged after filing for bankruptcy then someone would not owe on these debts.