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yes, you always pay matter what.

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Q: Do you pay sales tax if you buy a car from a private seller but the car is in a business name?
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If you buy a used car from a private seller in state of Georgia and you put the car in a business name do you have to pay sales tax?

The only time you dont have to pay sales tax on a vehicle is if you are a licensed dealer or wholesaler and you buy the vehicle to resell it.

In Georgia does one have to pay sales tax on a car purchased from a private seller?

Be careful! As long as the car is titled to a private owner, NO you don't have to pay sales tax. But we made a huge mistake! Thought we were buying from a private individual but he put the title in his privately owned company name and now we have to pay sales tax. A fact the OWNER should have disclosed!!

How can you open a business and keep your name private?


What does a private seller have to do to repossess a car that has been transferred into buyers name but still list seller as lien holder?

go pick it up, if they refuse, go get the police

Another name for a sales representative?

Here's a list of synonyms for sales representative. They include: salesperson, rep, seller, marketer, trader, peddler, vendor, hawker, purveyor.

What is Gerard Way's dad's name?

Private. None of your business.

What is Gerard Ways's dad's name?

Private. None of your business.

What is Gerard Way's dad's name?

Private. None of your business.

What is the official name for a house seller?

a seller

Who holds title of a private party sale while still making payments?

The private seller holds the title until paid in full, he should transfer the title to private buyers name and place a lien on title then the title will be mailed back to the private seller and once vehicle is paid the seller signs off on the lien and mails the title to the buyer. A contract/bill of sale should be signed by both parties to the payment agreement established for the protection of both parties.

What is a private car?

A private car is normally one owned by an individual or family. Business or commercial are owned or leased by companies for business purposes and are retained under the company name

What type of business license do you need?

There are many variables as to what licensing you'll need. Here are some possible types. Business license - yearly tax registration, usually required everywhere Fictitious Name Registration - required if you don't have your legal name in the name of your business Seller's permit - required for wholesale and retail sales Federal tax ID - alternate IRS ID rather than using SSN State tax ID - employer identification #

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